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TC Hafford Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Lewiston. Learn more about TC Hafford Basement Systems's recent work requests in Lewiston and nearby areas!

Learn more about TC Hafford Basement Systems' recent work requests in Lewiston, ME
Vicinity of Pinewoods Road in Lewiston
Leak in basement floor
Vicinity of Oak St in Lewiston
The mortar in the foundation is cracked or missing. I would like an estimate on getting this fixed.
Vicinity of Jolin St in Lewiston
We have a very damp basement. Dehumidifier doesn't cut it. Everything we want to store down there gets ruined. I'm affraid mold will begin to grow if none is there already. I need a solution so it is useable storage space for our family.
Vicinity of Sabattus St in Lewiston
I'm still looking to have a free estimate done on my basement. You can either email or text me. thank you
Vicinity of Farwell St in Lewiston
I have water coming through cracks in my basement floor. Looking for an estimate on how to possibly eliminate or better control what's coming through and where it's going.
Vicinity of Poulin Ave. in Lewiston
Interested in installing egress window in basement
Vicinity of Woodside Drive in Lewiston
Basement floor gets damp in on area near a wall in heavy rains / I'd like the entire basement insulated and covered with wall board / I'd like the unfinished side to be finished
Vicinity of Rachel Boulevard in Lewiston
My basement leaks. Not a lot, or all of the time. It is now enough to be a nuisance and I want to stop it. Any help id appreciate, thanks.
Vicinity of Old Greene Rd in Lewiston
Soil undermines and eroding under Garage floor. Need to be lifted so I need to contain hillside.
Vicinity of Lemont Ave in Lewiston
Need a cinder block foundation inspected and quoted for repairs. House was built in 1920. Concerns about moisture and cracking.
Vicinity of Eustis Street in Lewiston
We have had water leaking in our finished basement, we had to remove carpeting and some sheetrock. We would like to have the leak fixed.
Vicinity of Grove St in Lewiston
Water seeping in from cracked blocks and peeling water tight paint. It's bubbling then chipping
Vicinity of Mellon St in Lewiston
Water coming in basement where wall meets floor due to high water table. Have a positive drain but would like to reduce source of water.
Vicinity of NICHOLS ST in Lewiston
We are looking into buying a building. One first floor section had two opposing sides sinking precipitously. It is a 15 by 15 room. Hoping for a quote.
Vicinity of Montello St in Lewiston
Wet basement. Sump pump concerns
Vicinity of Valley Street in Lewiston
I would like a quote to add a battery powered back up sump pump.
Vicinity of Woodside Drive in Lewiston
I have a concrete basement which is damp a lot. There are no puddles on the floor, but I have two dehumidifiers down there and have to empty them about every other day at the most.
Vicinity of Sheffield Avenue in Lewiston
I have a water tracking system in my basement that runs to a sump pump. I believe the sump pump has stopped working. I would like the sump pump to be checked. Also, interested in a quote on fixing a crack in my basement wall and a dehumidifier. Thanks, Fern
Vicinity of Warren Ave in Lewiston
The biggest issue is that the basement wall under the sill of one of the wooden basement windows is damaged so every time it rains water gets in and that is causing more damage.
Vicinity of Olive Avenue in Lewiston
My basement is in need of waterproofing and a new sump pump.
Vicinity of Ridge Road in Lewiston
Water is leaking into my finished basement through some small cracks in my basement slab.
Vicinity of Brooks Ave in Lewiston
Older home... Have damage in one section causing some water leakage during heavy rain. Near the bulkhead.
Vicinity of Raymond Avenue in Lewiston
It appaears an old,repaired foundation crack has started to weep during high rain events. This foundation was repaired about 20-25 years agho using a "laval" type product that was pumped into the ground against the foundation. It has been successful until recent rain events. What I see on the outside is the material is gone and the crack is visible. This will have to be repaired from the outside as the interior of basement is finished.
Vicinity of Marcotte Avenue in Lewiston
I have water that seeps into the basement when it rains and there is some mold along the baseboards in the basement.
Vicinity of Main St in Lewiston
Leaky cracks in wall and along floor/wall.
Vicinity of Farwell St in Lewiston
We need to know the easiest route to eliminate water seepage up from floor cracks in an unfinished basement.
Vicinity of Newman St in Lewiston
I am a real estate agent working with a buyer who would like a quote or different options to help with water leaking into a basement at the above referenced address.
Vicinity of Brault Street in Lewiston
Water coming in windows
Vicinity of Gagne St in Lewiston
Have a crack in our foundation letting water into our garage (primarily) and a small amount into our furnace room (secondary). Looking for a quote on repairs. Will be home all day on Friday, 08/22.
Vicinity of Venture Street in Lewiston
Would like a price to fix water in a basement.
Vicinity of STETSON RD in Lewiston
Water leaking into basement every time we get a substantial rain. It's either coming up through the cracks in the foundation or along the seam in the foundation between the walls and floor.
Vicinity of Lemont Avenue in Lewiston
Cellar needs to be fixed for water through cement floor.
Vicinity of Woodside Drive in Lewiston
We've occasionally had water in our basement by our bulkhead, but this year we are getting water in three areas (including the bulkhead area) that appear to be coming from cracks in the floor. As soon as I wetvac it returns.
Vicinity of in Lewiston
I have in the wall and it is bowing in some
Vicinity of Colege in Lewiston
Seal coating basement
Vicinity of Victor Street in Lewiston
For the first time in many years, our basement had several inches of water and we had to use a sump pump to try to get it out.
Vicinity of Russell St. in Lewiston
I have a wet damp basement and I am in need of having a clean dry basement. Please give me a call so we can schedule an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Old Lisbon Road in Lewiston
Periodically have water in basement.
Vicinity of Hillview Lane in Lewiston
Need a couple of estimates for crack repair in Lewiston. One home is part of a real estate transaction.
Vicinity of Woodside Drive in Lewiston
In the spring time the cement floors and walls seem porous. water leaks through causing carpets to get wet.
Vicinity of Elaine Ave in Lewiston
Ther are allot of damp places in my cellar
Vicinity of Winter Street in Lewiston
Wet basement, tons of humidity and unusable space.
Vicinity of North Temple St in Lewiston
Just bought a home with water issues. There is a high water table in the area. I plan to pitch the grade away from the house on the outside. I need a quote for any inside workbefore the oil tank is installed later this week. Thanks, Ray
Vicinity of Bushey Circle in Lewiston
Sump pump cannot handle the water basement is flooding we have 4 inches of water everywhere.
Vicinity of Ernest St. in Lewiston
I believe that there are cracks in our foundation allowing water to seep into the basement.
Vicinity of Hillview Lane in Lewiston
Looking to get an idea of cost on fixing some cracks on my foundation walls and also the floor and wall joints.
Vicinity of Hillview Lane in Lewiston
I am interested in seeing different options for our basement that is currently having water enter through various cracks and between the floor and wall joint
Vicinity of Pleasant St in Lewiston
Would like an estimate on waterproofing our 50's built home with cinder block foundation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Pettingill Street in Lewiston
Every time it rains, water comes rushing in from the door that used to have a bulk head and from cracks in the foundation.
Vicinity of Knowlton Street in Lewiston
Every time it rains for a few days at a time, our basement gets a few inches of water. We are not sure if it is the foundation walls or if it's just bad drainage. We would like an inspection done to evaluation our options to keep this from happening.
Vicinity of Boston Ave in Lewiston
Moisture seeps in from concrete floor and walls. No cracks in actual foundation. White efflorescence rings are present. Not reasy to finish basement but would like waterproofing to eliminate smell and provise dry storage area.

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