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Hampton, NH homeowner calls TC Hafford Basement Systems to solve his sagging floor and encapsulate the crawlspace!

This Hampton, NH home was purchased two years ago by the current homeowner and they had a few issues that needed to be addressed in the crawlspace so TC Hafford Basement Systems got the call. System Design Specialist Peter Folsom met with the homeowner and put together a plan on how to lift the sagging floor and protect the crawlspace from moisture. 



The CleanSpace system aims to transform a damp and musty crawl space into a clean, dry, and healthier environment by effectively managing moisture and preventing water-related issues. It can help improve indoor air quality, protect structural integrity, and create a more comfortable living space above the crawl space.



Benefits of using SmartJacks include increased structural stability, improved floor leveling, prevention of further damage, and the potential to regain the original height and integrity of the floors. Additionally, SmartJacks come with a warranty, providing peace of mind for property owners.




Durham, NH Basement Waterproofed Properly with WaterGuard Piping

Typically using their basement for basic storage, this Durham, NH homeowner needed a way to protect their basement from leaking moisture. After living with a damp basement floor for some time, they called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems to take care of this problem as quickly as possible. Our crew got to work burying WaterGuard piping around the perimeter of the concrete basement floor. These pipes, below a fresh layer of concrete, will act to pull in any leaking moisture traveling through the foundation. This water is then guided through the piping to the nearby SuperSump pump our crew installed. Here the water will be forced out of the home through a discharge line. The discharge line leaving the home is fitted with an IceGuard section that will protect the basement from any blocked water that may flow back up the line.

With their newly waterproofed basement, this homeowner can now safely use the space for storage without fearing moisture causing damage to their property.

WaterGuard and Spray Foam Keep Out The Elements in Dover, NH

WaterGuard Piping Protects Dover, NH Basement from Pooling Water

Even with a sump pump in their basement floor, this homeowner would still find water pooled up in their basement from time to time. They hired us at TC Hafford Basement Systems to provide a permanent solution to the problem. As soon as our crew arrived at the home, they got to work installing WaterGuard piping around the perimeter of the basement floor. These pipes are buried beneath the floors surface to capture moisture as it travels in toward the basement interior. This water becomes trapped in the WaterGuard where it is then guided to the newly installed TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe will force the water from the home through a discharge line protected by both an IceGuard segment and a LawnScape port. These will keep the basement safe from blockage in the lower end of the line that might cause water to backup into the basement again through the discharge.

With these solutions in place below their home, this homeowner can rest assured there will no longer be puddles of water on their basement floor after rainfall. The WaterGuard & TripleSafe combination will maintain a dry basement floor for many years to come!

Wet Basement in Dover, NH Receives Needed WaterGuard Waterproofing

After living with a wet basement for some time, this Dover, NH homeowner thought it was time they did something about it. They called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems, and we set them up with a free estimate as soon as possible. After they spoke with our sales representative, they hired us to get started right away! Once our installation crew made it out to the home, they got started by installing a WaterGuard piping system surrounding the basement floor, buried below the concrete. These pipes will capture moisture as it leaks through the pores in the foundation, guiding it to the SuperSump pump also installed in the basement floor. Once in the sump, the water will be pumped out of the home through a PVC discharge line protected by both an IceGuard pipe segment and LawnScape discharge port outside the home. Finally, a CleanSpace liner was utilized to cover the walls of the basement with a waterproof barrier. This will both brighten up the space as well as channel any moisture down into the WaterGuard below for removal.

With a properly waterproofed basement, this homeowner can now make use of their basement without fearing water damage to their property. The CleanSpace liner & WaterGuard piping will keep water from collecting on this basement floor for years into the future!

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