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Kittery, ME Basement Properly Waterproofed Following Recent Flooding

After a storm left their basement with three inches of standing water, this Kittery, ME homeowner knew it was time to have the space waterproofed. They contacted us at TC Hafford and our team got to work right away! Without an existing sump to work with, our crew excavated room for one to be installed along with the perimeter of the floor to make way for the WaterGuard system. The WaterGuard piping is laid around the perimeter of the basement floor and buried below a fresh layer of concrete. This creates a pocket of low pressure to trap any leaking moisture before it can reach the surface of the floor in the future. Now any water collected by the WaterGuard is fed directly into a TripleSafe pump to be removed from the home through a discharge line. The TripleSafe utilizes two pumps to keep up with any water leaking into the basement; as well as a third, battery-operated, backup pump to ensure the basement remains dry even when the home loses power.

These new waterproofing measures will keep this homeowner’s basement safe from any rainfall that would have otherwise flooded the space. The WaterGuard & TripleSafe systems working together will be more than enough to keep this home completely water-free.

Moisture Trapped in Berwick, ME Crawl Space

Homeowners were looking for a more permanent solution for a small dirt crawlspace covered by a tarp. They dealt with a lot of moisture in the crawl space and they knew it was effecting the overall health of their home. TC Hafford came in and installed a CleanSpace Vapor Barrier, a specially designed liner that keeps out pests, humidity, and most importantly moisture. 

These homeowners now have peace of mind.

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Wet Berwick, ME Basement Dried & Protected with WaterGuard Installation

With water gathering in puddles on their basement floor, this Berwick, ME homeowner needed something to keep the water out. After searching online for a solution, they called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems to see if we could solve their problem. After speaking with our sales representative during their sales estimate, we were given the green light to get started on a WaterGuard & SuperSump installation. Once our crew arrived at the home, they got started on the floor by excavating the perimeter. This allowed for the WaterGuard piping to be laid around the basement floor, just below the surface. Sealed below a fresh layer of concrete, the WaterGuard will absorb any water as it leaks in through the foundation in the future. The water enters through small slits along the lower edge of the pipes and is guided directly into the SuperSump pump installed in the floor as well. The SuperSump can handle up to 2,650 gallons of water per hour, pumping it out of the home through a PVC discharge line. Finally, outside the home, IceGuard & LawnScape pipe segments were attached to the discharge line to provide additional protection against flooding. The LawnScape section covers the end with a grate to keep debris from entering the line while the IceGuard allows a way for any water blocked by ice to escape without backing up into the home.

With a permanent waterproofing solution in place, this homeowner no longer needs to suffer from a flooding basement! The WaterGuard piping along with the SuperSump pump will maintain a dry basement floor for this homeowner for years into the future.

CleanSpace Liner Helps Optimize York, ME Crawlspace for Storage Use

With a musty, dirt floor crawlspace below their home, this York, ME homeowner wanted to make use of the space for storage. They called us at TC Hafford and our crew was able to provide the barrier they were searching for. To keep out moisture and debris to allow for safe storage, a CleanSpace liner was used to encapsulate the interior of the crawlspace after a Drainage Matting was laid across the floor. This will form a vapor barrier capable of keeping moisture out of the crawlspace interior while enabling any trapped moisture to drain back through the ground below. Next, Spray Foam was used to fill in gaps between the joists above the crawlspace. This will provide better insulation for the home and keep any temperature control within the home efficient.

Now that their crawlspace has been sealed off from the elements, this homeowner can make use of the space for storage without needing to worry about their property sustaining any long-term damage.

Fresh Basement Slab with WaterGuard Piping Saves South Berwick, ME Basement from Moisture

With moisture easily able to enter this property owner’s basement, they were unable to make much use of the space. Looking to remedy this problem, they contacted us at TC Hafford Basement Systems, and we were soon able to give the homeowner a free estimate. Liking what we could offer, they gave our crew the go-ahead to begin work on excavating the old, leaking slab with a fresh slab of concrete. This new slab, however, was fitted with WaterGuard piping around the outer edge, buried just below the surface. These pipes will capture any leaking moisture in the future and guide it directly to the nearby TripleSafe sump pump. Finally, a CleanSpace wall system was put in around the exterior of the basement, to seal any moisture that might enter through the walls and brighten up the interior of the space.

With these additions to their home, this property owner should now be able to utilize their basement however they please without the need to fear water damage. The WaterGuard system will ensure this basement floor remains dry for years to come!

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