Job Stories

Job Stories

Crack In Windsor, NH, Basement Wall Fixed With Polyurethane
A homeowner in Windsor was looking to put their home on the market. But a crack in their basement wall was going to be a big problem when trying to sell their house. They soon got online to find an solution to their problem. After coming across TC Hafford Basement Systems, they knew we were the right choice! Once our crew arrived and got to work, they needed to start by covering the crack with a paste to hold in the Polyurethane. The Polyurethane is pumped into the crack, and sealed in so it can form an impassable barrier for water. This fix is now able to be painted over, to hide any signs of damage to the basement wall. Now this homeowner can put their home on the market without a worry!
Leaky Basement Windows In Rollinsford, ME, Sealed Up With EverLast Windows
A homeowner in Rollinsford had a basement with steel framed windows. These windows, over time, lost their alignment with the rest of the basement wall. This small crack would allow for water to enter in through the window during rain. This was an issue that needed to be solved ASAP. The homeowner took to the internet to find a solution. They soon came across TC Hafford Basement Systems and chose us to get the job done. Once on the scene, we removed the old windows, these weren’t going to be needed anymore. We then started on installing four EverLast Windows. These windows fit snugly into the previous windows ports, sealing off the basement from exterior moisture. Now this homeowner no longer needs to worry about water leaking into their basement through the window frames.
Dank Basement In Nobleboro, ME, Gets Completely Dried With Double Dehumidifiers
A homeowner in Nobleboro contacted TC Hafford with an excessively moist basement air problem. This was already leading to mold growth and a nasty smell. The mold growing in the basement could lead to health concerns for the residents of the home, so this issue was a high priority. We had a crew out shortly after being contacted to get to work. We started by installing a SaniDry CX dehumidifier. This will start to get the job done of clearing the basement air of moisture. But this wasn’t quite enough. We then installed a second dehumidifier, a SaniDry XP. This way the basement air is guaranteed to not only dry out, but stay dry. Killing off the mold, by removing the proper living conditions, and returning the basement to its former glory.
Crawlspace In Peaks Island, ME Waterproofed With CleanSpace
A homeowner in Peaks Island had a crawlspace that would gather water whenever it would rain. The homeowner needed to fix this leakage before it caused any damage. They logged online and searched for a solution. This is where they came across TC Hafford Basement Systems. Soon after they contacted us, we had a representative out at the home to inspect the crawlspace and give a free estimate about what work we could do to stop the leaking. Once the homeowner gave us the go ahead, we got to work! Our crew began by laying down a drainage matting to prevent moisture, entering from the perimeter, from making its way into the center of the crawlspace. Next, we encapsulated the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner locks the moisture outside the crawlspace; not allowing passage from the exterior to the interior, like cement does. The SmartSump sump pump was the next item installed. With an UltraSump backup battery, this SmartSump will pump any collected moisture up and out of the crawlspace, keeping it off the floors. Finally, we placed a SaniDry CX inside the crawlspace to dehumidify any remaining moisture lingering in the air. Completely drying out this homeowner’s crawlspace, and maintaining the dry atmosphere for the future!
Crawlspace In Bremen, ME Sealed Off From The Elements With CleanSpace
A homeowner in Bremen was looking to finish their basement, but water would leak in through the floors of both the basement and the attached crawlspace. This was a problem that needed to be addressed before any progress could be made in finishing the basement. After the homeowner saw an ad for TC Hafford Basement Systems on their television, they knew they found the solution to their problem. They gave us a call and we got to work! We got to work by first taking care of the wet crawlspace. We covered the interior perimeter of the crawlspace with a Drainage Matting. This will hold any water back from the interior of the crawlspace. We then encapsulated the entire crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner will lock out any moisture from entering the crawlspace by covering the entirety of the walls and floor. The final step of the waterproofing process was laying down ThermalDry Flooring tiles on the basement floor. These are insulated tiles which will keep the water from reaching the surface; as well as maintaining a relatively warm floor temperature compared to that of a concrete floor. Now this homeowner can finish their basement without concern for water damage!
Leaky Basement In Bridgewater, NH Kept Dry With WaterGuard
A couple in Bridgewater had started to notice puddles of water appearing on their concrete basement floor. This water was clearly entering in through the floor and walls of the basement; but the homeowners had no way of preventing this and needed professional help. This is when they contacted TC Hafford Basement Systems. We had a representative look at the basement, give the homeowners a free estimate, then we got to work! We started off by digging up the interior perimeter of the basement, and removing the debris. Laying down WaterGuard pipes all along the inside of this new trench. This WaterGuard will capture all of the water entering in through the concrete walls or floor, guiding it out of the basement through the sump. The WaterGuard is then covered over with loose rocks, which act as a barrier so the cement poured over the top conceals the WaterGuard within the floor, while not diminishing its effectiveness. Now these homeowners are puddle free!
Crawlspace In Chebeague Falls, ME Sealed With CleanSpace
A homeowner in Chebeague Falls was experiencing trouble with pools of water forming in their crawlspace. Needing this issue addressed, they were seeking the right company for the job. A friend, and previous customer, recommended TC Hafford Basement Systems to this homeowner and they chose us. We had a representative give a free estimate and started work on the home in no time! The water was entering the crawlspace through the walls and floor. Slowly leaking in through the surrounding soil during heavy rains or melting snow. In order to hold back this water, we encapsulated the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner is made of a sturdy plastic that will completely lock out any moisture trying to find its way into the interior of the crawlspace. Now this homeowner is worry free with a dry crawlspace.
Sweden, ME Crawlspace Sealed With CleanSpace
A homeowner in Sweden started to notice a musty smell emanating from their crawlspace. This smell was being caused by moisture in the air, and potential mold growth. The homeowner needed a way to put an end to this moisture problem before it got any worse. Asking around for potential fixes, the homeowner heard about TC Hafford Basement Systems. They gave us a call and we had a representative out at the home shortly after to give the homeowner a free estimate. They decided on what work they wanted done and we got to work. In order to hold back any moisture trying to enter the crawlspace through the floor or walls, we covered them with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner is made out of a plastic material that prevents water from finding its way through to the interior of the crawlspace. Thus, reducing the amount of moisture entering the crawlspace to practically nothing. Now to guarantee the crawlspace stays dry, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This will suck in air from the crawlspace, pull the moisture out of it and push the air back out into the crawlspace. This will then cycle moist air towards the dehumidifier, continuing until there is no moisture left in the air. This dry air now eliminates the environment in which mold grows, maintaining a smell free and safe crawlspace for the homeowner!
Frye Island, ME Basement Waterproofed The Right Way
A couple in Frye Island was looking for a way to waterproof their basement and crawlspace. They had been taking on water during heavy rains for a few months now, and wanted something done about it. They got in contact with us at TC Hafford Basement Systems and arranged to have their home looked at. We gave the homeowners their free estimate and then we got to work! We started with the basement of the home by installing a SmartSump sump pump. This pump will collect water as it enters the sump and push it up and out of the basement through a PVC discharge line. On the outside of the home, on the same discharge line, we attached a unique IceGuard piece to the piping. This IceGuard will allow water to continue to flow should the pipe become blocked by ice. Finally, we moved onto the crawlspace, which was also in need of waterproofing. We lined the entire interior of the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner, except for the ceiling. This lining is made of a plastic that water cannot pass through, holding it back from entering the crawlspace interior, maintaining a dry atmosphere. Now this couple no longer has a flooding basement to worry about!
Damp Basement In Isleboro, ME Kept Dry With SaniDry
A homeowner in Isleboro noticed their basement was beginning to give off a musty smell. This was a clear sign of gathering moisture and potential mold growth. This was a problem for the homeowner and they asked around for a way to help the situation. They soon heard about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a satisfied previous customer and called us right away. We gave them their free estimate, and then we got to work! The solution for their moist basement was a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. We installed the SaniDry XP in the basement and it began to work to eliminate the moisture in the air. It takes in the surrounding air, dries it out, and pushes it out into the basement to allow for more moist air to cycle back towards it to become dried out. This dehumidifier will now maintain a dry, healthy atmosphere within the basement, removing the risk of mold growth and the smell along with it!
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