Job Stories

Job Stories

New Concrete Slab Poured Over New Drainage System in North Hampton Basement
This homeowner contacted TC Hafford Basement Systems because he had been experiencing several issues in his basement.  The space had a dirt floor and with groudwater, high moisture, and sagging beam problems.  We solved the groundwater issue by waterproofing the space with our interior WaterGuard drainage system, SuperSump pumping system, and poured a new floor.  The high humidity levels were addressed by instally our SaniDry dehumidifier.  Our galvanized steel SmartJacks were installed to stabilize the sagging beams.  One area of the space was treated by installing our CleanSpace Encapsulation System.
Moisture Dealt With Properly in a Sanbornville, NH Home
A homeowner in Sanbornville was having problems with water gathering in their basement. It wasn’t a lot of water, roughly 1/16 of an inch, but water nonetheless. The homeowner needed a way to fix this problem, so they got online and searched for the solution. TC Hafford was that solution. We sent a representative to talk with the homeowner about options for how to fix the basement, and they decided to go with ThermalDry Flooring. This is a special interlocking floor tile that adds two layers between you and your concrete basement floor. This will help keep water out of the basement, as well as not show any signs of the moisture on the surface of the new floor. This homeowner now doesn’t need to worry about a wet basement floor.
WaterGuard Installation Keeps Sanbornville, NH Basement Water-Free
Owning a basement that would regularly flood with rainwater wasn't something this homeowner planned for. Without a way to properly keep the water from leaking in through their foundation, this homeowner was looking for professional help when they saw TC Hafford Basement Systems on their TV. They gave us a call shorlty after to see what we could do to help their problem. They reveived their free estimate and decided to have the work done by us. As soon as our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work on waterproofing this foundation. To keep water out, WaterGuard piping was buried into the perimeter of the concrete basement floor. Once covered with a fresh layer of concrete, the WaterGuard will now take in any leaking moisture before it reaches the surface. This water is guided through the pipes to the sump where a SuperSump pump was installed. This device pumps at a rate of over 2,600 gallons of water per hour, which is plenty of power to keep this basement floor dry. The water exits the home through a PVC discharge line. Outside the home, we made two additions to this line before this job was complete. The first was an IceGuard pipe segment attached just as the line leaves the home. This piece has special holes that only allow water traveling up the pipe to escape. This will protect the basement against ice in the line that would otherwise cause a backup. Finally, the end of the discharge line was capped with a LawnScape port. This piece has a wide grate over the end to allow the water to flow while preventing most debris from entering the line. These new improvements to their basement will keep this homeowner from having to deal with flooding. The WaterGuard will remove the problem before it even reaches the surface of the floor.
Sanbornville, NH Basement Waterproofed with TripleSafe Installation
A homeowner that lived in Sanbornville, NH had been experiencing trouble with water gathering in one corner of their basement. The water would leak in during rainfall and form one large puddle. Tired of dealing with this every time it rained, the homeowner called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems after finding our website online. We set them up with a free estimate from one of our sales representatives and they gave us the green light to begin work on the basement right away. As soon as our installation crew arrived at the home, they were able to begin work on the basement. First, a spot in the low point of the floor was excavated to create room for a TripleSafe sump system to be installed. The TripleSafe system houses three pumps inside. The primary and secondary pumps function to remove the bulk of the water gathering on the floor of the basement. The secondary pump will only activate if the primary pump either fails or cannot handle the current amount of water needing to be removed. The third pump functions using a battery and will maintain a dry basement floor even during power-outages in the home. The water flowing through the TripleSafe follows a discharge line up and out of the home. On the exterior of the home, two additions were made to this discharge line before our crew was finished waterproofing this basement. The first addition was an IceGuard pipe segment attached just beyond where the line leaves the side of the home. This section of piping has special upward facing holes built in that allow any water trapped within the line to escape. Now if ice or debris blocks the line, the water will be able to exit through the IceGuard without backing up into the basement and causing more flooding. Finally, a LawnScape discharge port was used to end the line. The LawnScape terminates through a grate, allow the water to drain away through the ground a distance from the home without allowing debris such as leaves to enter the line and cause blockages. With these additions properly installed below their home, this homeowner will no longer suffer from a flooding basement during rainfall. Their new TripleSafe sump system will ensure this basement floor stays dry for the future.
Leaking Basement In Bar Millls, ME Kept Dry With TripleSafe
A homeowner in Bar Mills had a basement that would always gather a pool of water during heavy rains. Fearing the problem worsening over time, the homeowner wanted to stop this before it could get any worse. After a quick internet search, they found TC Hafford Basement Systems. They called us up and we had our representative inspect the basement to give them their free estimate. After they selected what work they wanted done, we got to work! To take in the water leaking into the basemen, we dug out a sump in the floor of the basement. Within this sump, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This product is composed of three separate pumps. The primary and secondary handle the bulk of the water, the secondary only turning on when the primary fails for any reason. The third pump is a battery backup pump, activating when the power in the home goes out. We then installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air within the space. This homeowner now no longer needs to worry about water pooling up on his basement floor. Even without power, his new sump pump will continue to evacuate water.
Fryeburg, ME Crawlspace Protected From Moisture With CleanSpace
A couple in Fryeburg was having trouble with water gathering in their crawlspace. Whenever rain would fall, the dirt walls and floor didn’t stop the water from leaking in. Seeking a solution, the homeowners soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems. After they gave us a call, we dispatched our representative to inspect the space and give a free estimate to the homeowners. They made their choice and we got to work! We began by installing a SmartDrain in the floor of the crawlspace. This will take the water gathering in the lowest point and allow it to drain out and away from the crawlspace. Next, we encapsulated the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This covers every wall in the crawlspace, and the floor. Being made of a thin plastic, it will lock out moisture and prevent it from reaching the interior of the space. Finally, we installed a SaniDry CX dehumidifier. This will take any moisture managing to enter the atmosphere within the crawlspace and remove it. With these systems working together, this couple no longer needs to struggle with a flooding crawlspace.
Drainage Problems in Rental Property in Paris, ME
Howard in Paris was living in a rental when he noticed the drains in his basement were backing up. This became an immediate problem for Howard, and he contacted us as soon as he saw an ad on the television. We had a look at the property, and got to work. The perimeter of the basement needed to be dug out, and removed from the basement. This gave us room to insert a WaterGuard System, which ensures any water entering the basement is caught. Then to relieve the basement of this captured water, we installed an UltraSump sump pump. This pump will force any collected water outside the house through a drainage pipe. Once outside, we fixed an IceGuard filter to the drainage pipe. This special piece will allow water to escape the pipe should the lower end get blocked by ice or other debris. Howard’s drainage issue is a now a thing of the past!
WaterGuard Holds Water Back From Bryant Pond, ME Basement
A homeowner in Bryant Pond, Maine was experiencing a moisture problem in their basement. Moisture was coming in through the cement, and leaking into puddles on the basement floor. Fearing water damage to their belongings stored in the basement, the homeowner sought a way to prevent further water build up. They called TC Hafford Basement Systems after seeing us on TV and we had our representative give them a free estimate. They selected what work they wanted done, and we got to work! We got started on the basement by excavating the interior perimeter of the basement floor. This enabled us to lay our WaterGuard pipe system into the new trench in the floor. It was then covered with loose rocks and cement to conceal it without hindering functionality. The WaterGuard collects water as it enters through the cement, preventing it from reaching the interior of the basement. We then installed a SuperSump sump pump in the basement to evacuated the water collected by the WaterGuard. The water exits through a PVC discharge line, which we attached an IceGuard pipe to on the exterior of the home. The IceGuard will allow water to continue to flow from the pipe without problem, should the lower end become blocked by ice or other debris. These new installations will maintain a dry basement for many years to come. This homeowner will no longer fear water damage!
Moisture Problem in Bryant Pond, ME Crawlspace Dried with Vapor Barrier Installation
Living in Bryant Pond, ME, this homeowner had needed crawlspace waterproofing for quite a while. The crawlspace below their home had extensive moisture problems, including visible mold and wood rot. Searching for a solution online, they soon discovered TC Hafford Basement Systems and called us right away. We scheduled a free estimate for them and after they agreed to have the work done, our crew was dispatched to take care of their waterproofing needs. As soon as our crew arrived at the home, they got started right away on clearing some rocks that would prevent the vapor barrier placement. A SmartSump pump was first installed in the floor of the space to force our any water gathering on the floor of the crawlspace. Next, a Drainage Matting was laid across the floor. This mat sits just above the surface of the floor, resting on built in grooves. These grooves create channels between the mat and the floor that guide the blocked water to the sump where it will be removed from the space. To complete the vapor barrier installation, a CleanSpace liner was used to encapsulate the interior of the crawlspace. Covering the Drainage Mat as well as the walls of the space. This liner will completely lock out moisture that would have previously entered the space, forcing it to pool up below and flow out of the home through the sump. Finally, a SaniDry CX was installed in the space. This dehumidifier will pull in the damp air from around the space, separating any moisture from it. While the dried air is circulated back into the space, the moisture is passed through a piece of piping to the sump where it will be removed along with the rest of the water. Now that this homeowner has some proper waterproofing in their crawlspace, the side effects of the moisture problem, such as mold and a musty smell, should soon fade away. The new Vapor Barrier will keep this space dry for years to come!
Musty Basement In North Turner, ME Kept Dry With SaniDry
A couple in North Turner were having trouble with mold growing in their basement. There wasn’t much water build up, but enough moisture was entering the air to enable mold to grow freely throughout the basement. This was not only an issue because one of the homeowners was allergic, but the spores from the mold could lead to further health concerns for the homeowners if left unchecked. Seeking a way to put an end to this mold, the homeowners soon heard about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a realtor. They contacted us shortly after and we began work on the basement! To maintain a dry, healthy atmosphere in the basement, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. The SaniDry takes in the surrounding air, removing all the moisture from it, and then pushes the air out into the further reaches of the basement. This pulls in more moist air, allowing the SaniDry to completely dry all of the air within the basement. Without the proper environment to live, the mold will die off, and no more mold will grow in the future. These homeowners can now live at ease, knowing mold is a problem of the past, thanks to SaniDry!
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