Job Stories

Job Stories

New Concrete Slab Poured Over New Drainage System in North Hampton Basement
This homeowner contacted TC Hafford Basement Systems because he had been experiencing several issues in his basement.  The space had a dirt floor and with groudwater, high moisture, and sagging beam problems.  We solved the groundwater issue by waterproofing the space with our interior WaterGuard drainage system, SuperSump pumping system, and poured a new floor.  The high humidity levels were addressed by instally our SaniDry dehumidifier.  Our galvanized steel SmartJacks were installed to stabilize the sagging beams.  One area of the space was treated by installing our CleanSpace Encapsulation System.
Alton, NH, Home is Waterproofed & Dehumidified
For Ruth from Alton, having a wet basement was nothing new. But it became time something got done to ratify that situation. Ruth went to the internet to find a way to fix her basement, and this brought her to us. Once contacted, we did a full inspection to find just what was causing the problem. After locating the issue, we laid out what could be done to fix the problem and how much these options would cost. Ruth decided on what she wanted done, and we got to work! To start work on the basement, we dug out the perimeter of the foundation. This allowed for us to insert our WaterGuard system, which catches all water entering the basement through the floor or walls. This caught water is then lead to a sump pump, that pushes the water outside. Once outside, to ensure the water will flow even in freezing temperatures, we installed an IceGuard filter to do just that. Finally, we positioned a SaniDry XP dehumidifier in the basement. This dehumidifier will keep any remaining or future moisture out of the air. Ruth no longer has a wet basement!
Duplex in Portsmouth, NH, with Heavy Flooding Needed a Way to Drain
Rich, out in Portsmouth, NH, was renting out one side of a duplex, however, the crawlspace underneath was causing problems. This crawlspace had dirt floors, and would flood frequently during heavy rains. This would lead to a lot of moisture in the air underneath the building, causing mold and rot to form in the wood. After receiving a piece of mail directly from TC Hafford Basement Systems, Rich decided it was the right choice to contact us. Shortly after, Peter Folsom investigated the crawl space, and a crew came over to get to work. In order to help keep water out, Drainage Matting was implemented on top of the dirt floor, along with a WaterGuard system to direct the water outside. Finally, a FloodRing was created to prevent any water that did manage to enter the crawlspace from spreading. Now with a newly protected basement and crawl space, Rich has peace of mind when allowing guests to rent his duplex during heavy rain storms.
Moisture Problem In Farmington, NH, Gets Resolved By TC Hafford
David from Farmington was having a moisture problem in his basement. This moisture was causing a smell in the basement, likely due to mold. After he got a piece of mail from TC Hafford, he made the call! We set up David with a brand new SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This new installation now reduces the amount of moisture in the basement air, reducing the ability for mold to grow, and eliminating the smell.
WaterGuard Installation Keeps Famington, NH Basement water-Free
When this homeowner in Farmington, NH was having basement moisture issues, they were unsure how to approach the problem. The water was leaking in through their concrete foundation and gathering across the floor. The homeowner searched online for a way to keep the water out and soon discovered TC Hafford Basement Systems. They called us to hear what their options were and we dispatched our crew to give them a free estimate. When our installation crew arrived at the home later, they needed to install WaterGuard piping to waterproof this basement. This began with a shallow trench being excavated into the perimeter of the concrete floor. The WaterGuard piping was laid down within this trench and buried beneath a fresh layer of concrete. These pipes have slits along their lower edges, allowing leaking moisture to enter the pipes before reaching the surface of the basement floor in the future. This water is guided through the WaterGuard and fed directly into the sump to be removed from the home. With their WaterGuard protection installed, this homeowner no longer needs to worry about their basement flooding even during light rainfall. Their new waterproofing will make sure of that!
Polyurethane Injection Seals Crack in Farmington, NH Basement Wall
Soon after a crack had formed across one of their concrete basement walls, this Farmington, NH homeowner began to suffer from water leaking onto their basement floor. Un sure about how to resolve the problem on their own, they called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems once they saw us on their TV. We set them up with a free estimate and they were soon given their possible options by our sales representative. They quickly agreed to a solution and we got to work! When our installation crew arrived, they needed to keep water from entering this crack in the future but were slightly obstructed by supports along the wall in front of the crack. To seal the crack regardless, an initial layer of sealant was applied over the top of the visible portions of the crack, with plastic plugs placed every few feet along the sealant. After drying in place, these plugs were opened and starting from the lowest and working our way up, our crew began to inject Polyurethane into the interior of the crack through the plugs. Resealing each plug along the way, the crack is soon completely filled with the Polyurethane sealant. This will soon dry and lock out any future leakages. Now this homeowner has one less problem to worry about with their cracked basement wall sealed. The Polyurethane seal will keep water from leaking into their basement for many years to come!
Dover, NH, Home Outfitted with Basement Waterproofing Products
After reading about TC Hafford Basement Systems in the Yellow pages, Billy & Donna reached out to us. They had a basement in need of some waterproofing, as well as some other improvements that TC Hafford could provide. After examining the basement, Mike Morin had arranged for a crew to come out and get to work. Billy & Donna soon received the waterproofing they were looking for.Once working, the TC Hafford crew installed a WaterGuard system around the perimeter, along with an IceGuard outside the home, and a TripleSafe sump pump in between. The windows in the basement were covered on the exterior using beautiful SunHouse window covers, and the crawlspace under the home was finished off with a CleanSpace liner to keep out any moisture. The customer felt the crew did an excellent job, and was extremely satisfied with the end result of the installation process.
Home in New Castle, NH Gets The Protection It Needs With CleanSpace!
Isolating a crawl space from moisture from the earth, is critical to a healthy and happy home. At this home in New Castle, NH, TC Hafford Basement Systems used multiple exclusive products to give the homeowner peace of mind and a healthy home.    CleanSpace with drainage matting underneath is installed to keep moisture from the earth out of the crawl space and a SaniDry Sedona will work to keep the humidity in the crawl space low. Perforated pipe will direct groundwater to the SmartSump where it will push water out to a discharge line and far away from the homeowners crawl space. In the event of a power outage, the UltraSump Battery Back Up is installed to protect the space without hiccup.   Not only does the homeowner no longer have to worry about their crawl space, but now they have a usable area for storage and their home is better protected against the elements. 
WaterGuard Protects New Durham, NH Basement From Water Damage
A homeowner in New Durham was not only having trouble with his sump pump not pushing out enough water, but water would also gather in the corners, away from the pump. The homeowner took to the yellow pages to find a solution for their water problem. This is where they found TC Hafford Basement Systems, who they called immediately to set up a meeting with one of our representatives. We gave the homeowner their free estimate, and then after they selected what work they wanted done, our crew got to work! We began by digging up the inside perimeter of the basement floor. This newly dug trench was where we laid our WaterGuard pipe system. These pipes were then covered over with loose rocks and cement to conceal it without hurting its function. The water would capture any and all water trying to enter through the walls or floor of the basement, leading it to the sump. After finishing with the WaterGuard, we installed a SuperSump sump pump in the basement sump. This pump is able to move 2,650 gallons of water per hour, and should be more than enough to keep this basement dry! With these two products working together, this homeowner will now live worry free, with a dry basement!
Crack in Eliot, ME, Basement is Sealed With Flexispan
Linda from Eliot, ME, was having issues with water entering her basement through a crack in the wall. This crack was 1.6’ long, and was an excellent place for water to flow through from the surrounding earth. To seal this crack, and prevent any water from leaking through in the future, we used Flexispan. This involves covering the crack with a special flexible sealant. Then this sealant is covered with a unique Flexispan foam material. Finally a coating of sealant is applied over the foam material, sealing it against the wall. This crack won’t ever leak water into this basement again.
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