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Job Stories

New Concrete Slab Poured Over New Drainage System in North Hampton Basement
This homeowner contacted TC Hafford Basement Systems because he had been experiencing several issues in his basement.  The space had a dirt floor and with groudwater, high moisture, and sagging beam problems.  We solved the groundwater issue by waterproofing the space with our interior WaterGuard drainage system, SuperSump pumping system, and poured a new floor.  The high humidity levels were addressed by instally our SaniDry dehumidifier.  Our galvanized steel SmartJacks were installed to stabilize the sagging beams.  One area of the space was treated by installing our CleanSpace Encapsulation System.
Moisture Problem In Farmington, NH, Gets Resolved By TC Hafford
David from Farmington was having a moisture problem in his basement. This moisture was causing a smell in the basement, likely due to mold. After he got a piece of mail from TC Hafford, he made the call! We set up David with a brand new SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This new installation now reduces the amount of moisture in the basement air, reducing the ability for mold to grow, and eliminating the smell.
WaterGuard Installation Keeps Famington, NH Basement water-Free
When this homeowner in Farmington, NH was having basement moisture issues, they were unsure how to approach the problem. The water was leaking in through their concrete foundation and gathering across the floor. The homeowner searched online for a way to keep the water out and soon discovered TC Hafford Basement Systems. They called us to hear what their options were and we dispatched our crew to give them a free estimate. When our installation crew arrived at the home later, they needed to install WaterGuard piping to waterproof this basement. This began with a shallow trench being excavated into the perimeter of the concrete floor. The WaterGuard piping was laid down within this trench and buried beneath a fresh layer of concrete. These pipes have slits along their lower edges, allowing leaking moisture to enter the pipes before reaching the surface of the basement floor in the future. This water is guided through the WaterGuard and fed directly into the sump to be removed from the home. With their WaterGuard protection installed, this homeowner no longer needs to worry about their basement flooding even during light rainfall. Their new waterproofing will make sure of that!
Polyurethane Injection Seals Crack in Farmington, NH Basement Wall
Soon after a crack had formed across one of their concrete basement walls, this Farmington, NH homeowner began to suffer from water leaking onto their basement floor. Un sure about how to resolve the problem on their own, they called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems once they saw us on their TV. We set them up with a free estimate and they were soon given their possible options by our sales representative. They quickly agreed to a solution and we got to work! When our installation crew arrived, they needed to keep water from entering this crack in the future but were slightly obstructed by supports along the wall in front of the crack. To seal the crack regardless, an initial layer of sealant was applied over the top of the visible portions of the crack, with plastic plugs placed every few feet along the sealant. After drying in place, these plugs were opened and starting from the lowest and working our way up, our crew began to inject Polyurethane into the interior of the crack through the plugs. Resealing each plug along the way, the crack is soon completely filled with the Polyurethane sealant. This will soon dry and lock out any future leakages. Now this homeowner has one less problem to worry about with their cracked basement wall sealed. The Polyurethane seal will keep water from leaking into their basement for many years to come!
Basement in Milton, NH Sealed With FelxiSpan
A homeowner in Milton was experiencing trouble with water gathering in his basement. This water was clearly entering through a crack that was forming in the basement wall. After hearing about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a friend and satisfied customer, the homeowner gave us a call to come fix their problem. To start with the solution, we applied a layer of sealant in and over the crack. This first layer holds back any water trying to enter through the opening. We then laid a foam pad over the sealant to further protect from water entering the basement. Finally, we spread a layer of sealant over the first two layers to hold them in place and completely seal out any water that may try and seep into the basement. This setup will allow the FlexiSpan to not only prevent water from entering the basement, but it is flexible, so it can shift with the walls. This shifting capability ensures the crack stays sealed no matter what. This homeowner now has a dry basement.
Wet Basement In Milton, NH Protected By WaterGuard
Jen from Milton was having trouble with water pooling in her basement. This water could easily lead to water damage or mold growth and she needed something done about it. She got online and searched for a solution, soon coming across TC Hafford Basement Systems. She contacted us and we got her a free estimate within a few days! Starting work on the basement, we dug out the inside perimeter of the basement. This cleared space for us to lay down the WaterGuard pipe system. This pipe will capture all the water entering through the walls or floor and direct it to the sump. In the sump, we installed a SuperSump sump pump. This pump will take the gathered water and force it up through a PVC discharge line and out of the basement. Finally, we attached an UltraSump backup battery to the SuperSump. This battery will ensure the pump operates normally even during a power outage. Now Jen will have a dry basement no matter how hard it rains!
CleanSpace Encapsulation Protects Milton, NH Crawlspace
While living in Milton, NH, this homeowner had recently begun to notice a musty smell throughout their home. Unsure how to put an end to this problem themselves, the homeowner sought a solution online. After finding TC Hafford Basement Systems, they called us to set up their free estimate. We dispatched our sales representative and were able to go over what the problem was and what we could do to fix it with this homeowner. Water had been leaking into their crawlspace, causing the musty smell in the home. They soon gave us the go-ahead to get started on solving their problem. When our installation crew arrived at the home, they moved to the crawlspace right away to begin work on giving this home a proper vapor barrier. First, a Drainage Matting was laid across the floor of the space. This mat sits just off the surface of the floor and has many small holes throughout itself. This creates channels for the water to follow once the vapor barrier is finished, allowing the water to exit the space. Next, a CleanSpace liner was used to encapsulate the interior of the crawlspace. The CleanSpace, covering all of the walls, as well as the floor, will lock out moisture trying to enter the interior of the crawlspace in the future. This blocked water will then flow out of the space draining down back through the ground below. With their completed vapor barrier in place, this homeowner no longer needs to live with a musty smell in their home from the moisture build-up. The CleanSpace installation will keep any leaking water at bay for years to come!
Crack in Lebanon, ME, Basement Sealed Permanently
Steve from Lebanon started to notice a crack forming in his basement wall. This crack was starting to let water into the basement, and he wanted to fix this as soon as possible. Shortly after an internet search, Steve found TC Hafford Basement Systems and gave us a call. We inspected the crack, and quickly got to work applying FlexiSpan to fix the problem. To install Flexispan, we apply a sealant to the crack, to block water trying to enter through the crack. Then we cover this sealant with a foam strip, to further contain water that might enter along the edges of the crack. Finally, another layer of sealant is placed over the foam to completely lock out any water. The homeowner no longer needs to worry about this crack.
WaterGuard Installation Protects Lebanon, ME Basement from Water Damage
A homeownr living in Lebanon, ME had a problem beneath their home. The concrete foundation around their basement was allowing moisture to leak through. This moisture was building up in the basement and causing problems for the homeowner. To get this problem taken care of, this homeowner searched online for a solution. They soon found TC Hafford Basement System and called us to see what we could do for them. Shortly after receiving their free estimate, they gave us the go-ahead to get started on fixing their moisture problem. As soon as our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work installaing a WaterGuard piping system. This started with a shallow trench being excavated into the perimeter of the floor. Here, WaterGuard pipes were used to surround the basement floor before being buried beneath a fresh layer of concrete. Within the floor, the WaterGuard pipes will take in any moisture through small slits in the base of each pipe. This water is trapped within the pipes and guided beneath the floor to the sump to be removed from the home. To keep up with the water being collected by the WaterGuard, a SuperSump sump pump was installed in this basement floor. The SuperSump can move over 2,600 gallons of water per hour. This water is forced out of the home through a PVC discharge line. To keep the SuperSump operational at all times, an UltraSump backup battery was attached. This battery will activate when the home loses power, maintaining a constant removal of any water that might be gathering beneath the home. With these new additions to their basement, this homeowner should no longer suffer from water leakage. The WaterGuard will handle any leaks before they reach the surface of the floor from now-on!
SuperSump Installation Keeps Lebanon¸ ME Basement Water-Free
A homeowner that was living in Lebanon, ME at the time had recently begun to have moisture problems below their home. Rainwater had been gathering in a pool in their basement after heavy rainfall and they were worried about potential water damage. After speaking with a realtor, they were referred to TC Hafford Basement Systems and called us to receive a free estimate. Our sales representative spoke with the homeowner about what could be done, and they hired us to get the job done right away! When our installation crew made it out to the home, they got started on the basement floor by excavating a place for a sump system to be implemented. A SuperSump pump was installed in this new hole, located in the natural low point of this basement floor. Now when water enters the space, it will flow into the SuperSump and be pumped up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. The SuperSump can output over 2,600 gallons of water per hour, plenty of force to keep any rainfall at bay. With a properly waterproofed basement, this homeowner no longer needs to worry about water pooling up below their home. The SuperSump system will maintain a dry basement floor in this home for years into the future.
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