Job Stories

Job Stories

Crack in Somersworth, NH Basement Wall Sealed With FlexiSpan
A homeowner in Somersworth was having trouble with water collecting in their basement. The water was entering through a crack in the wall of the basement and pooling up on the floor. The homeowner searched for a way to seal this crack, soon being referred to TC Hafford Basement Systems by a friend. They called us shortly after and we dispatched a representative to the home, to look at the crack and offer a free estimate to the homeowner. They gave us the go ahead and we got to work! We began work by filling the crack with a sealant. This is the primary barrier against water trying to flow through the crack. Next, we overlaid the sealant with a foam matting. This mat will give the overall structure its flexible nature, allowing the completed FlexiSpan to conform to the crack, should the wall shift at all over time. Finally, we added a second layer of sealant over the top of the foam matting. This locks the structure in place, and completely seals out any moisture trying to enter the basement interior through the crack. Now with the completed FlexiSpan structure in place, the crack has been sealed! This homeowner no longer needs to fear water flooding their basement through this pesky crack in the wall.
Somersworth, NH Basement Kept Dry with WaterGuard Installation
When this homeowner noticed flooding in their basement, they were unprepared to deal with this problem. The water had been seemingly leaking in through the concrete foundation directly, so the homeowner was unsure how to approach the problem. After they were referred to TC Hafford Basement Systems, this homeowner called us to set up and appointment for their free estimate. After receiving their estimate, this homeowner hired us to get the job done! Upon arrival to the home, our crew got started on this basement by excavating a shallow trench surrounding the floor of the space. Next, WaterGuard piping was placed down within this trench. The WaterGuard was covered with loose rocks before being sealed within the floor by a fresh layer of concrete. These pipes will collect any leaking moisture in the future, preventing it from reaching the surface of the floor. The collected water then follows the WaterGuard piping through the floor to the sump where it will be removed from the home. Once finished with the WaterGuard, our crew installed a SuperSump pump in the sump of this basement. The SuperSump will take the water from the WaterGuard, forcing it up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. The SuperSump operates at a rate of 2,650 gallons of water removed per hour, plenty of power to keep this basement water-free. Nearby, an UltraSump backup battery was installed and attached to the SuperSump. The UltraSump will allow the SuperSump to continue to function even during power-outages. These improvements will keep this homeowners basement dry for years to come! The WaterGuard piping & SuperSump system will ensure this homeowner never experiences a flooding basement again.
TripleSafe Sump Upgrade Keeps Somersworth, NH Basement Water-Free
After some neighboring construction happened, this Somersworth, NH homeowner began to experience water problems in their finished basement. Without a drain in the space, they had almost no way of solving this problem. They searched online and soon found us at TC Hafford Basement Systems, calling right away to set up their free estimate. The homeowner soon sat down with one of our sales representatives to talk over their options and decided on what they would like done to waterproof the space. Once our installation crew arrived at the home, they were tasked with giving the space proper drainage. To achieve this, a TripleSafe pump was installed in the floor of the basement. The TripleSafe device houses three sump pumps within itself. The first pump works to remove the majority of the collected water. The secondary pump will remain idle until either the primary pump fails or cannot handle the current amount of water needing to be removed, then the pump will activate to increase the flow exiting the home. The third pump is a battery-operated backup pump that will activate in the event of a power-outage, maintaining a dry basement even when the home is without power. The water exits the home through a PVC discharge line that carries the water a distance from the home. Just beyond where this line exits the home, an IceGuard pipe segment was intersected into the discharge line. The IceGuard piece has special upward facing holes that only allow trapped water to escape the line. This will protect the basement from flooding due to a blockage of ice or other debris in the line. Finally, a LawnScape discharge port was attached to the end of the line. This piece has a grate covering the bottom end of the pipe, blocking most debris from entering the line from the end while allowing the water to flow out onto the lawn a distance from the home. Now that this homeowner has a functioning sump system below their home, they no longer need to fear a flooding basement causing damage to their property. The newly installed TripleSafe pump will ensure this basement stays dry for years to come!
Leaky Basement In Kittery Point, ME Waterproofed With SuperSump
A homeowner in Kittery Point was having trouble with their foundation letting water into their basement. Needing professional help with this issue, they started to ask around for ways to stop the water. They soon got referred to TC Hafford Basement Systems, who they contacted right away to receive their free estimate. The homeowner decided on what work they wanted done, and we dispatched our crew to get to work! We began by digging out the current floor of the basement. This allowed us to pour a new slab of concrete. This new basement floor would hold up against water much more effectively than the previous stone floor the homeowner had. We left a sump in the slab to allow us easy installation of a SuperSump sump pump. This pump will collect the water gathering in the basement, and push it up and out of the basement through a PVC discharge line. On the exterior of the home, we attached an IceGuard pipe piece to the discharge line. The IceGuard will allow water to continue to flow from the pump, even if the lower end of the pipe becomes blocked by ice or other debris. This homeowner now has a dry basement with a fresh slab, that will remain dry for years to come, thanks to SuperSump!
Basement in Milton, NH Sealed With FelxiSpan
A homeowner in Milton was experiencing trouble with water gathering in his basement. This water was clearly entering through a crack that was forming in the basement wall. After hearing about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a friend and satisfied customer, the homeowner gave us a call to come fix their problem. To start with the solution, we applied a layer of sealant in and over the crack. This first layer holds back any water trying to enter through the opening. We then laid a foam pad over the sealant to further protect from water entering the basement. Finally, we spread a layer of sealant over the first two layers to hold them in place and completely seal out any water that may try and seep into the basement. This setup will allow the FlexiSpan to not only prevent water from entering the basement, but it is flexible, so it can shift with the walls. This shifting capability ensures the crack stays sealed no matter what. This homeowner now has a dry basement.
Wet Basement In Milton, NH Protected By WaterGuard
Jen from Milton was having trouble with water pooling in her basement. This water could easily lead to water damage or mold growth and she needed something done about it. She got online and searched for a solution, soon coming across TC Hafford Basement Systems. She contacted us and we got her a free estimate within a few days! Starting work on the basement, we dug out the inside perimeter of the basement. This cleared space for us to lay down the WaterGuard pipe system. This pipe will capture all the water entering through the walls or floor and direct it to the sump. In the sump, we installed a SuperSump sump pump. This pump will take the gathered water and force it up through a PVC discharge line and out of the basement. Finally, we attached an UltraSump backup battery to the SuperSump. This battery will ensure the pump operates normally even during a power outage. Now Jen will have a dry basement no matter how hard it rains!
CleanSpace Encapsulation Protects Milton, NH Crawlspace
While living in Milton, NH, this homeowner had recently begun to notice a musty smell throughout their home. Unsure how to put an end to this problem themselves, the homeowner sought a solution online. After finding TC Hafford Basement Systems, they called us to set up their free estimate. We dispatched our sales representative and were able to go over what the problem was and what we could do to fix it with this homeowner. Water had been leaking into their crawlspace, causing the musty smell in the home. They soon gave us the go-ahead to get started on solving their problem. When our installation crew arrived at the home, they moved to the crawlspace right away to begin work on giving this home a proper vapor barrier. First, a Drainage Matting was laid across the floor of the space. This mat sits just off the surface of the floor and has many small holes throughout itself. This creates channels for the water to follow once the vapor barrier is finished, allowing the water to exit the space. Next, a CleanSpace liner was used to encapsulate the interior of the crawlspace. The CleanSpace, covering all of the walls, as well as the floor, will lock out moisture trying to enter the interior of the crawlspace in the future. This blocked water will then flow out of the space draining down back through the ground below. With their completed vapor barrier in place, this homeowner no longer needs to live with a musty smell in their home from the moisture build-up. The CleanSpace installation will keep any leaking water at bay for years to come!
Wet Basement in Berwick, ME, Revitalized With New System
In Berwick, Maine, Andrea had an existing sump pump and dehumidifier, but still experienced a wet basement whenever it rained. After searching online for a solution, Andrea came to us. Once our representative Mike Morin took a look, a team was sent out to get to work. TC Hafford started by installing a WaterGuard basement waterproofing system around the perimeter of the basement. This system is used to collect any water that might attempt to flow into the basement through the walls or up through the floor. This WaterGuard system was then connected through to a newly installed SuperSump sump pump, which replaced the old sump. This new sump pump pumps any water fed into it to the outside. Finally, the crew used an IceGuard pipe outside the house to prevent the water from being blocked. The IceGuard is a special piece of pipe that allows water to flow even when the rest of the pipe is blocked off by ice or other debris. After finishing these additions to the basement, Andrea now no longer has to worry about water in the slightest.
Homeowner in Wolfeboro, NH, Upgrades Basement Windows
In Wolfeboro, Deborah needed new windows in her basement. The old windows just weren’t cutting it anymore, and were allowing water to slip into the basement. After finding TC Hafford online, Deborah contacted us to get a free estimate for the window replacement, as well as waterproofing her basement. After Deborah decided to both replace the windows and waterproof the basement, TC Hafford got to work. The three old windows were removed from the basement, and three EverLast windows were inserted into the old ports. Two of these three new windows received a SunHouse window guard. This is a structure that is attached to the exterior of the window, to keep water and debris away from the window, while still allowing sunlight to enter the basement. TC Hafford then dug up the perimeter of the basement floor, and installed a WaterGuard system, as well as a TripleSafe sump pump. The WaterGuard system is a special pipe that will capture water entering the basement, and guide it to the sump pump. The TripleSafe sump is fitted with three different pumps, to guarantee a dry basement. These new installations have given Deborah peace of mind when it comes to her basement.
Cracks in York, ME Basement Wall Repaired With FlexiSpan
A homeowner in York had noticed cracks that formed in her basement walls. These cracks had been letting in moisture from the surrounding soil, and allowing for water to pool up in the basement. This needed to stop. The homeowner started asking around for how to go about resolving this issue, and she got pointed in the direction of TC Hafford Basement Systems by a previous customer. She soon gave us a call and we had a representative inspect the cracks and give her a free estimate of the repair cost. She gave us the “go ahead” and we got started! To fix these cracks, we needed to cover them over with something that could not only hold back water, but something that could stay over the crack for extend portions of time. This meant we needed to use FlexiSpan to seal the cracks. FlexiSpan is requires a three-step process to install. First, we filled the crack with a sealant. This sealant will act as the primary barrier for moisture and hold back most of the water, while also conforming to the crack. Next, the first layer is covered over with a foam matting. The mat further prevents moisture from passing, while giving the overall structure of the FlexiSpan its flexible nature. Finally, the foam mat is covered with a second layer of sealant. This locks out moisture while firmly holding the structure in place, flat against the wall. The FlexiSpan will now keep out any moisture trying to leak in through these cracks, while being able to conform to the crack should the basement walls shift in any way. Now this homeowner has whole walls and a dry basement thanks to FlexiSpan!
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