Job Stories

Job Stories

Wet Basement In Southport, ME Waterproofed With SuperSump
A homeowner in Southport was having mold problem in their basement. This was caused by a moisture build up in the air, and required professional work done. They saw an ad one their television for TC Hafford Basement Systems and contacted us right after. We had a representative sent to the house to give a free estimate, then we were able to start working! We started by installing a SuperSump sump pump. This pump will take water from the basement, and push it up and out of the home. Then we attached an UltraSump backup battery to the SuperSump to maintain water evacuation even when the power is out. Next, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier, which will maintain a dry atmosphere within the basement, and destroy the chance for any mold to find a place to live. Finally, we attached an IceGuard filter on the exterior of the home to the discharge line. This will ensure the water exits the basement even if the lower end of the discharge line becomes blocked by ice or other debris. Now this homeowner is worry free with a dry basement!
Musty Basement In North Turner, ME Kept Dry With SaniDry
A couple in North Turner were having trouble with mold growing in their basement. There wasn’t much water build up, but enough moisture was entering the air to enable mold to grow freely throughout the basement. This was not only an issue because one of the homeowners was allergic, but the spores from the mold could lead to further health concerns for the homeowners if left unchecked. Seeking a way to put an end to this mold, the homeowners soon heard about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a realtor. They contacted us shortly after and we began work on the basement! To maintain a dry, healthy atmosphere in the basement, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. The SaniDry takes in the surrounding air, removing all the moisture from it, and then pushes the air out into the further reaches of the basement. This pulls in more moist air, allowing the SaniDry to completely dry all of the air within the basement. Without the proper environment to live, the mold will die off, and no more mold will grow in the future. These homeowners can now live at ease, knowing mold is a problem of the past, thanks to SaniDry!
PowerBrace Prevents Cave In Within Canton, ME Basement
A homeowner in Canton bought a home with a bowing basement wall. He hadn’t realized just how bad this could be for the home, and upon this realization, he searched online for what could be done to help it. He soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems, and received a free estimate from one of our representatives. The homeowner wanted us to get the job done, so we dispatched our crew and got started! To resolve the issue with the wall, we needed to push the wall back into place. To do this, we used PowerBrace. The PowerBrace is a series of steel I-beams anchored to the cement floor, against the bowing wall. They are fitted to the wooden joists in the ceiling with adjustable screws. The pressure applied to the wall slowly pushes it back into place over time. We will later revisit this basement to tighten the PowerBrace system. This will further align the wall with its original location. With these new PowerBraces in place, a caved in wall is now nothing this homeowner needs to be concerned about.
Moist Crawlspace In West Boothbay Harbor, ME Sealed With CleanSpace
A couple in West Boothbay Harbor were in a bit of a tough spot. They had a crawlspace that would gather large amounts of moisture, and no way to get rid of it. This moisture could easily lead to mold growth, and potentially health concerns for the homeowners. They called up TC Hafford Basement Systems right away to solve their problem, and we sent out our crew to get to work! To ensure water would no longer gather on the surfaces within the space, we needed to install a vapor barrier within the crawlspace. We encapsulated the space with a CleanSpace Liner. This covered all the walls, supports, and the floor of the crawlspace. The liner is made of a thin plastic, which the moisture cannot pass through. This will maintain a dry atmosphere within the crawlspace by not allowing the moisture in to begin with! With their new vapor barrier in place, this couple can rest assured no mold will be growing in their crawlspace.
Leeds, ME Basement Dried Properly With SandiDry XP
A homeowner in Leeds was having trouble with moist air in their basement. This was causing damp conditions and mold to grow. The homeowner wanted to have something done about this ASAP. After hearing about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a previous satisfied customer, they chose us to get the job done! After taking a look at the basement, the best solution was to install a SanyDry XP Dehumidifier. This dehumidifier will take in all the humid air, dry it out, and spread it out over the rest of the basement. Now this homeowner no longer needs to worry about a dank basement.
Basement In Roxbury, ME Protected From Water Damage
Amy in Roxbury was experiencing a problem with her basement, it would take on water during rain, then remain damp for days afterward. This was a problem because it was making her basement useless. She couldn’t use it for storage, or a place to reside, the water was making sure of that. Amy logged onto her computer and searched the internet for a solution, soon finding just that. TC Hafford Basement Systems was just what Amy needed, to fix her damp basement. We gave her a free estimate and then got to work! Our crew started by excavating the interior perimeter of the basement floor. This new trench made room for us to emplace our WaterGuard piping system. This is a special type of pipe that captures water as it enters through the floor or walls of the basement, guiding it to the sump before it can cause any damage. In the sump, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This is a device with three separate pumps. The secondary pump is for when the primary pump either can’t handle the water, or malfunctions for any reason; whereas the third pump is a battery-operated pump in case of a power outage. This pump pushes the water up and out of a PVC discharge line. Following the discharge line outside, we attached an IceGuard piece to the line. This unique piece will allow water to continue to escape, even if the lower end of the line becomes blocked by ice or debris. Now Amy can use her basement space however she pleases, without fear of water damage!
Finished Basement in Monmouth, ME, Protected From Water
A homeowner in Monmouth with a finished basement experienced a terrible occurrence. While away from the house, their basement flooded and the carpet got destroyed. This need to not only be fixed, but prevented in the future. TC Hafford got the call, and sent out a representative to take a look. The home already had a sump pump with a discharge line, but that pump just wasn’t getting the job done. We took out the old pump and installed an UltraSump sump pump to keep water up and out of the basement. The homeowner also had a SaniDry XP installed in their basement to keep the moisture out of the air as well as off the floor.
Leaking Crawlspace In South Bristol, ME Sealed With CleanSpace
A homeowner in South Bristol was having trouble with a leaky crawlspace. Water would regularly come in through the far corner, and flood the rest of the space. The homeowner was in desperate need of a way to fix this problem. She soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems online and got in contact with us as soon as she could! We had a representative take a look at the crawlspace, give a free estimate, and then we got to work! To solve the homeowner’s problem, we encapsulated the entire crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This will hold back any and all moisture trying to seep into the interior of the crawlspace. Now this homeowner’s problems are a thing of the past!
Humid Basement In Richmond, ME Finished With ThermalDry Flooring
A couple in Richmond had a basement that was constantly humid. The humidity was causing a mold problem on the floor, but the homeowner wanted to finish their basement. The homeowners sought a way to resolve this issue, and contacted us at TC Hafford Basement Systems to receive a free estimate. They selected what work they wanted done and we got to work! To help these homeowners with their basement issue, we needed to eliminate the mold problem. We also needed a way to allow for the basement to be finished with the humidity of the space. To achieve this, we laid down ThermalDry flooring tiles across the entire basement floor. These tiles are made of a hard plastic, with a thick foam matting insulating the bottom of them. This raises them off of the floor, and keeps them above the cold temperature of the concrete floor. These tiles enable the homeowners to finish their basement without any fear of the mold impeding on their floor.
Basement In New Harbor, ME Protected From The Elements With WaterGuard
A homeowner in New Harbor would frequently have their basement flood whenever it would rain. This was causing problems, such a water damage and a musty smell. Requiring assistance in resolving this issue, the homeowner searched for a solution. After finding an ad for TC Hafford Basement Systems in their newspaper, the homeowner contacted us. We gave them a free estimate, and started work on their basement once the decided on what they wanted done! To start work on the basement, we excavated the interior perimeter of the basement. This opened up a trench for us to lay down a WaterGuard piping system. The WaterGuard is then covered over with loose rocks and cement. This seals it within the floor, without hurting its functionality. This pipe system captures water as it enters the basement through the walls and the floor, guiding it to the sump. In the sump, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This device has three separate pumps, one primary pump, one backup pump in case the primary fails, and a third, battery operated pump in case of a power outage. Following the sump discharge line to the exterior of the home, we attached an IceGuard onto the line. This is a special piece of pipe that allows for water to continue to be pumped out of the basement even if the lower end of the pipe becomes blocked by ice or other debris. Finally, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This will guarantee a dry atmosphere within the basement, should any moisture find its way inside. Now this homeowner is worry free, even during the heaviest of rains.
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