Job Stories

Job Stories

ThermalDry Flooring Installation Helps to Finish East Wakefield, NH Basement
Living in East Wakefield, NH, this homeowner wanted to begin to make use of their basement. They wanted to finish it so that they could comfortably spend time in the space. To get this done, they searched online for options and soon found us at TC Hafford Basement Systems. After talking with our office staff, they were set up with a free estimate from one of our sales representatives. The sales rep. took a look at the basement and the homeowner was ready to move forward with the project after being informed about their options. When our installation crew arrived at the home, their goal was to provide a more comfortable floor than the existing concrete foundation. They installed ThermalDry flooring tiles across the floor of the space. These tiles are topped with a firm plastic layer that will maintain a much higher natural temperature, compared to the cold concrete below. Below this top layer, the ThermalDry rests on a thick foam base. This provides comfort with each step, while small channels built into the foam can allow for any moisture build-up to find its way to the sump and flow out of the home. This will provide the homeowner will the flooring they needed to help complete their basement! With their new flooring, this homeowner can now move on to furnishing the space to finally finish it. The ThermalDry tiles will ensure the basement stays insulated and dry for years to come!
WaterGuard Seals Basement In Wells, ME
A homeowner in Wells would regularly gain moisture within their basement during heavy rains. This water seemed to enter through the walls and floor, as there was no other obvious entrance as far as the homeowner could tell. Needing a way to keep their basement dry, the homeowner searched for a solution. He soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems. He gave us a call and we dispatched a representative to take a look at the basement. We gave the homeowner a free estimate of cost and they selected what they wanted done. We sent in our crew and got to work! We began by digging up the inside perimeter of the basement floor. This allowed us room to lay our WaterGuard piping system around the basement. Once in place, we covered it over with loose rocks and cement. This concealed it, without hindering functionality. The WaterGuard pipes will capture water as it tries to enter the basement through what is known as hydrostatic pressure. This is when there is enough water in the surrounding soil to force water in through even the cement foundation. Once captured by the WaterGuard, the water is guided out of the basement through a drain. Next, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This will maintain a dry atmosphere within the basement by cycle through the damp air, removing any moisture. With these two systems in place, this homeowner will have a dry, healthy basement for years to come!
WaterGuard Installation Keeps Shapleigh, ME Basement Safe from Flooding
Living in Shapleigh, ME, a homeowner was experiencing trouble keeping their basement water-free. In order to use the space, they needed a way to keep the water out for good. To get this done, they searched online for a solution. That's where they found the answer to their wet basement problem, TC Hafford Basement Systems. They called us soon after and we got to work! When our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work on installing WaterGuard piping. This required a shallow trench to be excavated from the perimeter of the basement floor. Inside this new trench, the WaterGuard piping was buried beneath a fresh coat of loose rocks and concrete. Now, within the floor, the WaterGuard will capture any moisture leaking through the floor of the basement. To clear the moisture from the air, a SaniDry XP dehumidifier was also installed. This device will take in the damp air from the basement, separating the moisture from it and circulating the dried air back into the space. To remove all of the water collected in the WaterGuard and SaniDry, a SuperSump sump pump was installed in the basement floor with an UltraSump attached. The SuperSump will take the water and force it up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. The SuperSump can handle over 2,600 gallons of water every hour! The attached UltraSump backup battery will ensure the SuperSump continues to remove water even when the home is without power. Outside the home, two additions were made to the discharge line before our crew was finished. The first addition was an IceGuard pipe section attached just beyond where the line leaves the home. This pipe piece has speical holes built in which allow for water trapped by ice or debris to escape before backing-up into the home. Finally, a LawnScape piece was placed on the end of the line, giving the water a place to exit onto the ground a distacne from the home. Now that this homeowner has a waterproofed basement, they can use the space however they choose. The WaterGuard piping and sump system will keep this basement from flooding in the future!
Damp Crawlspace In West Newfield, ME Sealed With CleanSpace
A couple in West Newfield was experiencing flooding in their crawlspace during heavy rains. This moisture could lead to not only damage, but mold growth; which could then cause health issues for the inhabitants. The water was coming in through the dirt floor rather easily, and the two needed a way to hold back the moisture that was entering. They soon found the answer to their problem online, with TC Hafford Basement Systems. We heard from them shortly after and had a representative take a look at the crawlspace to give a free estimate on what we could do and how much it would cost. The couple decided on what work they wanted done, and our crew started the project! We installed a SmartSump sump pump into the crawlspace to pump out any water that found its way inside. Next, we laid a Drainage Matting in around the inside edge of the crawlspace to hold back moisture coming in through the walls, allowing for it to drain back into the soil. Finally, we encapsulated the entire crawlspace, save for the ceiling, with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner completely locks out moisture trying to come in through the floor or walls. Any moisture coming in this way will now never see the interior of the crawlspace. Now this couple has a moisture free crawlspace and peace of mind!
Basement Wall Crack In Alfred, ME, Sealed
In an Alfred residence, a homeowner had been having trouble with a crack in his wall. This crack was allowing water to leak into the basement from the outside during rain. The homeowner wanted this taken care of ASAP, and contacted TC Hafford after seeing an ad on the television. We had a representative dispatched to take a look and give a free estimate shortly after being contacted. The homeowner made their decision and we got to work! To fix the crack in the wall, we started the process of applying FlexiSpan. FlexiSpan is a flexible three layer material used to keep out water and contort to any shifting of a crack. The first layer is a sealant sprayed into the crack. This first layer is then covered with a foam pad. This pad holds the sealant in place as well as allowing for the flexibility of the whole structure. Finally the foam is covered with the final layer, which is another layer of sealant. This three layer system locks out any moisture trying to enter through the crack. This crack is no longer something this homeowner needs to worry about.
Sump Pump In Kennebunk, ME Upgraded With SuperSump
A homeowner in Kennebunk was having trouble with their sump pump they had in their basement. It was able to handle light amounts of water, but once it started really raining, the pump would back up and flood the basement. This was an immediate problem for the homeowner, as they used their basement for storage, so they needed a way to stop this before too much more flooding happened. This is when they called TC Hafford Basement Systems. We had a representative head to the home shortly after to give the homeowner a free estimate. They chose what they wanted done, and we had our crew get to work! We had to start by removing the old sump pump. It wasn’t going to be needed anymore, and could be thrown out. We then installed our SuperSump sump pump in the old sump hole. This sump will be able to handle any amount of water coming in from heavy rains. We attached an UltraSump backup battery onto the SuperSump to keep it functional even when the power goes out. Now even in the heaviest storms, this new sump system will remain functional. This homeowner no longer has a faulty sump or a wet basement to worry about!
FlexiSpan Seal Keeps Newfield, ME Basement Water-Free
When this Newfield, ME homeowner noticed a crack had opened on their concrete basement wall, they immediately looked for things to have done to keep water from leaking through. They soon heard about us at TC Hafford Basement Systems from their realtor and called us right away to set up their free estimate! Once they got their estimate, they gave us the go-ahead to seal this crack. A few days later, our installation crew arrived at the home to get started on sealing the crack with a FlexiSpan seal. To prime the crack for sealant, a coarse brush was used to scrape away any debris. Next, an initial layer of sealant was applied within and around the crack. This was soon covered over with a foam mat, running the length of the crack. A final layer of sealant was laid over the foam, to complete the FlexiSpan seal. With the foam core, this seal can adjust to slight shifts in theshape of the crack while maintaining a water-tight seal! Now this crack won't become a moisture problem in the future. This homeowner can rest assured the FlexiSpan seal will lock out any outside water.
Basement In Parsonsfield, ME Waterproofed With WaterGuard
A homeowner in Parsonsfield was in need of some waterproofing in their basement. Their son had mentioned TC Hafford Basement Systems to them, and they contacted us to get the job done. After being contacted by the homeowner, we got to work! We started by excavating the interior perimeter of the basement. This makes room for our WaterGuard system to be installed. This is a system of pipes used to collect water as it enters the basement through either the walls or floor. Then we added a TrenchDrain piece underneath a door leading out of the basement on the back of the house. This drain will collect any and all water trying to enter underneath the door. These pipes are connected to the existing sump system to remove the water from the basement. Now this homeowner no longer needs to worry about water in their basement.
Damp Basement In Parsonsfield, ME Kept Dry With SuperSump
Dave from Parsonsfield was having trouble with his sump. Water wasn’t draining properly through his sump, and it was pooling up in his basement. Worried about water damage, Dave searched online for a solution. He soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems, and after a little research, Dave knew we were the perfect company to help solve his troubles. He called us shortly after and we had a representative over at the home to give Dave his free estimate. He chose what work he wanted done and we got to work! We began by digging out more of the sump to make room for a pump to be put in. We then installed a SuperSump sump pump in the old sump. This will take the water entering the sump and force it up and out of the basement through a PVC discharge line. Attached to this pump, we added an UltraSump backup battery to keep the SuperSump working even if the home loses power. On the outside of the home, we connected an IceGuard pipe to the discharge line. This special piece of pipe will allow water to continue to leave the basement even if the lower end of the pipe becomes blocked in any way. Finally, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier in the basement. This dehumidifier will take in the air immediately surrounding it and dry out any moisture. It then pushes the air out into the basement, forcing more moist air back towards the SaniDry. This cycle continues until the basement air is completely dry. Now Dave has a dry basement floor and healthy air circulating his basement. Water damage is a worry of the past!
SmartJack Supports Repair Sinking Parsonsfield¸ ME Crawlspace
When this Parsonsfield, ME homeowner noticed their floors beginning to slant, they knew something was causing the supports below their home to give in. Looking to have renovations done, the homeowner wanted to ensure their home was completely secure before moving forward. Once they saw TC Hafford on their TV, they called to receive their free estimate. After the homeowner spoke with our sales representative about what we could do to help them, they hired us to get the job done right away. When our installation crew made it out to the home, they got started fixing the bowing supports within this home’s crawlspace. To begin, cast-in-place footings were placed along the areas requiring improved support. Next, SmartJack pylons were installed between the joists in the ceiling above the crawlspace and the footings. The SmartJack pylons can have their length adjusted, forcing the home back to its original position over time. Once the home is again level with its original position, the SmartJack supports will maintain the previously drooping floor. With their new supports in place, this homeowner can now move forward with their plans without worrying about any possible failures of the old supports. The SmartJack emplacements will keep this home level and secure for many years to come!
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