Job Stories

Job Stories

York Harbor, ME Basement Protected By WaterGuard
A couple in York Harbor was experiencing trouble with moisture in their basement. Water was leaking in through the walls and floor, and because the homeowner was looking to put their home on the market, they needed to stop this leak if they wanted to sell for their full asking price. They were soon in touch with TC Hafford Basement Systems to get the job done. After giving the homeowners their free estimate, we got to work! We began by excavating the interior perimeter of the basement floor. This allowed us to install our WaterGuard pipe system, which was covered over with loose rocks and cement. This conceals the system inside the floor without diminishing functionality. The WaterGuard will catch the water entering the basement through the walls or floor, guiding it out of the basement through the sump. Now the homeowners can put their home on the market for full price, with a dry basement!
Wet Basement in York Harbor, ME Dried & Protected with SaniDry Installation
When this couple living in York Harbor, ME began to have problems with water collecting in their basement, they were unsure how to keep it from leaking in. Looking for a solution, they soon heard from a friend that TC Hafford Basement Systems could solve their problem. They called us to set up their free estimate and met with our sales rep. soon after. Once the homeowners heard their options, they hired us to get started right away. When our installation crew arrived at the home later, they began by installing a SmartSump in the floor of the basement. This will take in the water collecting in the space and force it out of the home through a discharge line. Next, a SaniDry XP dehumidifier was installed to remove the moisture build up in the atmosphere of the basement. The SaniDry will take in the damp air surrounding itself, separating the moisture from it and distributing it back into the basement once dried. The water pulled from the air is passed directly to the SmartSump to be removed from the home. Outside the home, two additions were made to the discharge line to better protect the home from moisture damage. The first addition was an IceGuard pipe segment attached to the line just beyond where it leaves the home. The IceGuard has upward facing holes built into itself, that allow for water blocked by ice to exit the line if it begins to flow back up the pipes. This prevents backups into the home. Finally, the water will flow out of the line through the grate of a LawnScape discharge port. The grate will keep larger debris from entering the line and causing long-lasting blockages. With these new additions to their home installed, this homeowner now no longer suffers from a wet, flooding basement. Their new SaniDry & sump system will keep the basement below their home dry for years to come!
Dark and Damp Basement Windows In South Berwick, ME, Replaced with Brighter Windows
This homeowner in South Berwick wasn’t very happy with the windows they had in their basement. They were leaky, and didn’t look very good. This led them to contact TC Hafford Basement Systems to get the job done! The three windows in the basement were taken out, and replaced by three Everlast Basement Windows, which are waterproof and extremely durable. The homeowner also purchased two SunHouse Basement Enclosures, as well as two domed covers for their new windows. These keep water and debris away from the new window, while the white painted interior of the SunHouse Enclosure will reflect plenty of light into the basement.
Crack in Lebanon, ME, Basement Sealed Permanently
Steve from Lebanon started to notice a crack forming in his basement wall. This crack was starting to let water into the basement, and he wanted to fix this as soon as possible. Shortly after an internet search, Steve found TC Hafford Basement Systems and gave us a call. We inspected the crack, and quickly got to work applying FlexiSpan to fix the problem. To install Flexispan, we apply a sealant to the crack, to block water trying to enter through the crack. Then we cover this sealant with a foam strip, to further contain water that might enter along the edges of the crack. Finally, another layer of sealant is placed over the foam to completely lock out any water. The homeowner no longer needs to worry about this crack.
WaterGuard Installation Protects Lebanon, ME Basement from Water Damage
A homeownr living in Lebanon, ME had a problem beneath their home. The concrete foundation around their basement was allowing moisture to leak through. This moisture was building up in the basement and causing problems for the homeowner. To get this problem taken care of, this homeowner searched online for a solution. They soon found TC Hafford Basement System and called us to see what we could do for them. Shortly after receiving their free estimate, they gave us the go-ahead to get started on fixing their moisture problem. As soon as our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work installaing a WaterGuard piping system. This started with a shallow trench being excavated into the perimeter of the floor. Here, WaterGuard pipes were used to surround the basement floor before being buried beneath a fresh layer of concrete. Within the floor, the WaterGuard pipes will take in any moisture through small slits in the base of each pipe. This water is trapped within the pipes and guided beneath the floor to the sump to be removed from the home. To keep up with the water being collected by the WaterGuard, a SuperSump sump pump was installed in this basement floor. The SuperSump can move over 2,600 gallons of water per hour. This water is forced out of the home through a PVC discharge line. To keep the SuperSump operational at all times, an UltraSump backup battery was attached. This battery will activate when the home loses power, maintaining a constant removal of any water that might be gathering beneath the home. With these new additions to their basement, this homeowner should no longer suffer from water leakage. The WaterGuard will handle any leaks before they reach the surface of the floor from now-on!
SuperSump Installation Keeps Lebanon¸ ME Basement Water-Free
A homeowner that was living in Lebanon, ME at the time had recently begun to have moisture problems below their home. Rainwater had been gathering in a pool in their basement after heavy rainfall and they were worried about potential water damage. After speaking with a realtor, they were referred to TC Hafford Basement Systems and called us to receive a free estimate. Our sales representative spoke with the homeowner about what could be done, and they hired us to get the job done right away! When our installation crew made it out to the home, they got started on the basement floor by excavating a place for a sump system to be implemented. A SuperSump pump was installed in this new hole, located in the natural low point of this basement floor. Now when water enters the space, it will flow into the SuperSump and be pumped up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. The SuperSump can output over 2,600 gallons of water per hour, plenty of force to keep any rainfall at bay. With a properly waterproofed basement, this homeowner no longer needs to worry about water pooling up below their home. The SuperSump system will maintain a dry basement floor in this home for years into the future.
Faulty Sump Pump In North Berwick, ME Replaced With SuperSump
A homeowner in North Berwick was having trouble with their sump pump. Even though they had one installed a few years ago, their basement was starting to gather water again. Their pump was malfunctioning. Seeking a way to remedy this, the homeowner saw TC Hafford Basement Systems on their television and called us right away. We sent out our representative to look at the basement and give the homeowner their free estimate. They selected which options they wanted and we got to work! We began by removing the old sump pump. This was disposed of properly, and left the sump with an open slot for a new pump. We then installed a SuperSump sump pump in the sump. This sump will easily be able to handle any amount of water trying to gather in the basement, being able to pump 2,650 gallons per hour. To maintain a dry basement in any weather, we attached an UltraSump backup battery to the SuperSump. This will keep the pump operating even in such storms that the power in the home goes out. The water leaving the basement exits through a PVC discharge line. On the exterior off the home, we attached an IceGuard pipe to this discharge line. This specially designed pipe will allow water to continue to flow from the line even if the lower end of the pipe becomes blocked by any debris. These systems operating together will maintain a dry basement in any condition. The homeowner no longer needs to worry about a failing sump pump.
Damp Basement In Cape Neddick, ME Dried Out With SaniDry
A homeowner in Cape Neddick needed a way to dry out the air in their basement. The moisture was starting to cause the basement to smell. After receiving the call, we had a representative head out to take a look and to give a free estimate. After going over the options, the homeowner chose to have a SaniDry XP installed. This is a dehumidifier that is large enough to take the air that has been dried, and push it out into the further reaches of the basement. All the while sucking in new moist air to be dried. This basement will now remain dry, removing the smell entirely.
Moisture Dealt With Properly in a Sanbornville, NH Home
A homeowner in Sanbornville was having problems with water gathering in their basement. It wasn’t a lot of water, roughly 1/16 of an inch, but water nonetheless. The homeowner needed a way to fix this problem, so they got online and searched for the solution. TC Hafford was that solution. We sent a representative to talk with the homeowner about options for how to fix the basement, and they decided to go with ThermalDry Flooring. This is a special interlocking floor tile that adds two layers between you and your concrete basement floor. This will help keep water out of the basement, as well as not show any signs of the moisture on the surface of the new floor. This homeowner now doesn’t need to worry about a wet basement floor.
WaterGuard Installation Keeps Sanbornville, NH Basement Water-Free
Owning a basement that would regularly flood with rainwater wasn't something this homeowner planned for. Without a way to properly keep the water from leaking in through their foundation, this homeowner was looking for professional help when they saw TC Hafford Basement Systems on their TV. They gave us a call shorlty after to see what we could do to help their problem. They reveived their free estimate and decided to have the work done by us. As soon as our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work on waterproofing this foundation. To keep water out, WaterGuard piping was buried into the perimeter of the concrete basement floor. Once covered with a fresh layer of concrete, the WaterGuard will now take in any leaking moisture before it reaches the surface. This water is guided through the pipes to the sump where a SuperSump pump was installed. This device pumps at a rate of over 2,600 gallons of water per hour, which is plenty of power to keep this basement floor dry. The water exits the home through a PVC discharge line. Outside the home, we made two additions to this line before this job was complete. The first was an IceGuard pipe segment attached just as the line leaves the home. This piece has special holes that only allow water traveling up the pipe to escape. This will protect the basement against ice in the line that would otherwise cause a backup. Finally, the end of the discharge line was capped with a LawnScape port. This piece has a wide grate over the end to allow the water to flow while preventing most debris from entering the line. These new improvements to their basement will keep this homeowner from having to deal with flooding. The WaterGuard will remove the problem before it even reaches the surface of the floor.
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