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Job Stories

Leaking Basement In Porter, ME Sealed With WaterGuard
A couple in Porter was having trouble with a leaky basement. Water would easily enter the basement through the wall/floor joint during heavy rains, and pool up on the floor. This flooding needed to be stopped, and seeking professional help the homeowners called TC Hafford Basement Systems after seeing us on their television. We had a representative at the home soon after to inspect the basement and give a free estimate. After the homeowner gave us the green light, we got to work! We began working on the basement by excavating the perimeter of the floor. This new trench allowed us to lay our WaterGuard piping system down. The WaterGuard is designed in such a way that it will capture the water as it leaks through the cement toward the interior of the basement. The captured water is directed to the sump, where we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This pump will guarantee the water fed to it will be pumped out of the basement, being equipped with a battery-powered backup pump. The water being evacuated exits through a PVC discharge line. On the exterior of the home, we attached an IceGuard pipe piece to this discharge line to maintain water flow. The IceGuard will allow any water in the pipe to exit the pipe, should the lower end of the pipe become blocked by ice or other debris. These three systems working together will guarantee a dry basement for these homeowners for many years to come!
Damp Crawlspace in Porter, ME Dried with SaniDry Installation
Living with a damp crawlspace beneath their home, this Porter, ME homeowner needed a way remove the moisture before it became a bigger problem. Without a way to remove the moisture, they were worried mold would spread quickly through the space. To remedy this problem, they searched online for an answer and soon discovered TC Hafford Basement Systems. When they called us to find out what we could do for them we set the homeowner up with a free estimate detailing their options. They soon hired us to install a waterproofing system as well as some additional insulation. When our installation crew arrived at the home, they got started on the crawlspace by using SprayFoam to better insulate the rim joists above the crawlspace. This will help make the heating and cooling of the home more efficient year-round. Next, a Drainage Matting was laid across the floor of the crawlspace to begin a vapor barrier installation. The Drainage Matting sits above the surface of the floor using divots along the surface of the material. This allows water trapped below the mat to flow towards the edge of the space and drain back into the ground. Next, the vapor barrier was completed using a CleanSpace liner to encapsulate the interior of the crawlspace. This covered the floor as well as the walls with a thin sheet that seals out any leaking moisture that would have previously entered the space. Finally, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifer was installed in the space. This device will take in the moisture still present in the air of the crawlspace. The air is separated from the moisture inside the SaniDry and the dry air is then circulated back into the space. Any water collected within the dehumidifier is pumped out of the home through a discharge line, where it will drain away into the ground. With these improvements made to their crawlspace, this homeowner can rest assured their crawlspace is safe from mold growth and other moisture problems in the future!
Damp Crawlspace in Porter, ME Waterproofed with CleanSpace Installation
After living in Porter, ME for many years, this homeowner began to notice a musty odor coming from the crawlspace below the home. Wanting this problem resolved as soon as possible, the homeowner looked for a solution online. They soon came across our website and called us right away to receive their free estimate on the cost of waterproofing their crawlspace. They soon were met by one of our sales representatives to hear their options and decided to hire us to get the job done at the first opportunity. Upon arrival to the home, our installation crew got started right away by entering the space below the home. To keep moisture from accumulating in the crawlspace in the future, a vapor barrier needed to be used to hold back the water. This started with a Drainage Matting being laid across the dirt floor of the crawlspace. The shape of this mat will provide channels for any moisture blocked by the barrier to follow to where it will be easiest for the water to drain away into the ground again. Next, a CleanSpace liner was used to encapsulate the crawlspace interior completely. Completing the vapor barrier, the CleanSpace will block any leaking moisture headed for the crawlspace in the future. With this vapor barrier installed, this homeowner should soon notice the problem dissipate without any moisture to sustain the developing problem. The CleanSpace liner & Drainage Matting will maintain a water-free crawlspace below this home for years to come.
Crawlspace In Cornish, ME Kept Dry Using CleanSpace Liner
Molly in Cornish was experiencing trouble with her crawlspace. It would collect puddles of water whenever it would rain. This needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Soon after seeing an ad on television, Molly gave TC Hafford a call. We had a crew out in no time to get to work! The interior perimeter of the crawlspace was covered with a Drainage Matting to prevent the water from making its way toward the center of the crawlspace. We then lined the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This is a clean sheet of plastic that encapsulates the entire crawlspace, save for the ceiling. This will lock out any and all water trying to enter the crawlspace. Though moisture still might be able to sneak into the crawlspace through other means. This is why we installed a SaniDry CX Dehumidifier. This dehumidifier will maintain a dry atmosphere within the crawlspace. Preventing any mold growth or structural damage to the house.
WaterGuard Piping Saves Cornish, ME Basement from Flooding
This homeowner had been living with a problem for some time. Their basement would ragularly take on water during rainfall. Even with a concrete foundation, the water would still find a way into the basement. Unsure how to prevent the leakages alone, the homeowner soon called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems after they saw one of our ads on TV. We dispatched a sales representative to give the homeowner a free estimate in their Cornish, ME home. When they gave us the go-ahead to get started, our installation crew began work on this basement floor by excavating a trench into the perimeter of the concrete floor. Within this trench, WaterGuard piping was used to surround the basement floor. These pipes were then buried beneath a fresh layer of concrete to coneal them inside the floor. Small slits along the bottom of the WaterGuard will take in the leaking moisture in the future and prevent it from reaching the surface of the floor. The water follows the piping to the sump where it will be removed from the basement without causing any problems for the homeowner. Now that their basement has a waterproofing system in place, this homeowner will no longer need to put up with a flooding basement. The WaterGuard pipes will keep this basement floor dry for the forseeable future!
Spray Foam Installation Helps Cornish, ME Homeowner Better Heat Their Home
After having worked with our company before, this Cornish, ME homeowner was looking to have the crawlspace below their home better insulated and they knew exactly who to call to get the job done! We sent our sales representative to give the homeowner a free estimate and they were ready right away to have us get started as soon as we could get a crew to their home. When our installation crew made it to the home, they moved straight to the crawlspace below the home to insulate the space. In order to prevent the outside temperature from affecting the temperature inside the home, Spray Foam insulation was used to fill in gaps in the joists above the crawlspace. The Spray Foam expands once sprayed along a surface, forming a thick barrier capable of holding back the air that would typically cause the temperature transfer from below the home. Now any heating or cooling done within the home will last longer without more energy consumption with the Spray Foam barrier to maintain efficiency. Now this homeowner has the exact kind of crawlspace insulation they were looking for. This Cornish, ME home will be much better off during the peaks of winter and summer in coming years.
Leaking Basement In Bar Millls, ME Kept Dry With TripleSafe
A homeowner in Bar Mills had a basement that would always gather a pool of water during heavy rains. Fearing the problem worsening over time, the homeowner wanted to stop this before it could get any worse. After a quick internet search, they found TC Hafford Basement Systems. They called us up and we had our representative inspect the basement to give them their free estimate. After they selected what work they wanted done, we got to work! To take in the water leaking into the basemen, we dug out a sump in the floor of the basement. Within this sump, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This product is composed of three separate pumps. The primary and secondary handle the bulk of the water, the secondary only turning on when the primary fails for any reason. The third pump is a battery backup pump, activating when the power in the home goes out. We then installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier to remove the moisture from the air within the space. This homeowner now no longer needs to worry about water pooling up on his basement floor. Even without power, his new sump pump will continue to evacuate water.
Ocean Park, ME Crawlspace Sealed Off From Moisture With CleanSpace
Tony from Ocean Park was in the market for getting his crawlspace vapor barrier redone. It wasn’t done properly the first time, and was allowing moisture to accumulate within the crawlspace. Tony got online to find his answer, and he found it with TC Hafford Basement Systems. He contacted us and we had a representative out at the home in no time to give Tony his free estimate. He selected what work he wanted done and we got started! First, we laid a Drainage Matting around the interior perimeter of the crawlspace. This will hold back most of the moisture entering the crawlspace and give it time to drain out through the floor. On top of the Drainage Matting, we covered the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner will ensure nearly all of the moisture coming in through the walls or floor are kept locked underneath it, not allowing for water to gather within the crawlspace. Finally, to guarantee a dry atmosphere within the crawlspace, we installed a SaniDry CX dehumidifier. This will cycle the moist air until all that is left is dry, healthy air. Now Tony has a functioning vapor barrier and a dry crawlspace, thanks to CleanSpace!
Crawlspace In West Baldwin, ME Receives CleanSpace Vapor Barrier
Nathan in West Baldwin was in the market for a vapor barrier for his crawlspace. Moisture would find its way in during rain, and this was causing problems in the home. Mold was beginning to grow and cause the crawlspace to smell, persuading Nathan even further to pursue a solution to his problem. He soon got online and found TC Hafford Basement Systems, who he called right then. We had a representative out at the home in no time to give a free estimate. Nathan chose what work he wanted done and we got started! We began by lining the interior perimeter of the crawlspace with a Drainage Matting. This mat will hold out any moisture trying to find its way into the crawlspace, and allow it time to drain. Next, we covered the walls and floor with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner locks out all moisture on the exterior of the crawlspace. Now Nathan has a proper moisture barrier to keep his crawlspace dry even in the heaviest of rain!
West Baldwin, ME Basement Kept Water-Free with WaterGuard Installation
A homeowner that lived in West Baldwin, ME had a problem building up beneath their home. The concrete foundation below the home had been leaking water onto the basement floor, which was causing flooding in the space. Looking to have this problem dealt with as soon as possible, the homeowner searched for a solution online and soon discovered us at TC Hafford. After they called our office in Wells, we set them up with a free estimate to inform them of their options. They hired us right away to get the job done and solve their wet basement problems! Once our installation crew arrived at the home, their first task was to install WaterGuard piping below the surface of the floor. These pipes were buried in shallow trenches that were excavated into the perimeter of the concrete floor. Covered by loose rocks and concrete, the pipes will remain concealed within the floor while taking in any leaking moisture through small slits along their bottom edges. The water collected in the WaterGuard is guided through the floor to the sump feeding directly into the SuperSump pump we installed. The SuperSump removes water from the basement at a rate of 2,650 gallons of water per hour. This water exits the home through a PVC discharge line where it is carried a distance from the home before being deposited onto the ground to flow away from the home. With their newly waterproofed basement, this homeowner can now make use of the space again without needing to fear water damage destroying their property! The WaterGuard & SuperSump will ensure this basement floor remains dry in the future.
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