Job Stories

Job Stories

Crawlspace In Raymond, ME Sealed With CleanSpace
Tom from Raymond was in the market for a vapor barrier for his crawlspace. He had been experiencing flooding in the space, and needed it to stop before any permanent damage happened. Tom soon saw TC Hafford Basement Systems on his television, and gave us a call. We had a representative at his home in no time to inspect the crawlspace and give Tom a free estimate. He selected the solution he wanted and we sent in our crew. In order to form a proper vapor barrier in the crawlspace, we needed to line the walls with sheets that wouldn’t allow for the passage of water. We began by laying a Drainage Matting around the perimeter of the crawlspace, at the wall/floor joint. This will hold back a good amount of water, giving it time to drain back into the soil before reaching the center of the space. We then encapsulated the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This is a plastic sheet that will lock out any moisture attempting to find its way into the crawlspace. These two layers working together will keep out moisture and maintain a dry crawlspace for Tom.
Sump Pump Pit In Harrison, ME, Needs New Pump
A homeowner in Harrison was having trouble with their current sump pump. They had contacted TC Hafford at a previous residence for basement work; and now gave us another call to get this new basement done! His current sump pump wasn’t pumping water like it used to. Water was starting to collect in and around the sump for extended periods of time. We had a representative head out to take a look and offer potential solutions. Once the homeowner decided on what they wanted done, we got to work! We started the job by removing the old pump. It wasn’t going to be doing the homeowner any good anymore. We then installed a SuperSump sump pump into the old sump. This new sump should do the trick when it comes to pushing out the water that gathers in the sump. Finally, on the outside of the house, we attached an IceGuard filter to the PVC discharge line. This will ensure water continues to drain should the lower end of the pipe become blocked by ice or debris. Now this homeowner is worry free with a dry basement!
Leaking Crack In Stoneham, ME Sealed With FlexiSpan
A homeowner in Stoneham had a wet basement, thanks to a large crack forming on one of their walls. This could lead to water damage to the homeowner’s property, and they needed a way to prevent it. Searching online for a solution, they soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems. We arranged to inspect the crack, and we gave the homeowner a free estimate. They gave us the green light and we got started! We began by filling the crack with a layer of sealant. This layer was then covered over with a foam matting. This foam matting gives the finished structure flexibility. These two layers acts as an initial barrier which holds back some of the moisture, but it is not quite complete yet. We finished the project off with a final layer of sealant over the foam. This creates what is known as FlexiSpan. A crack sealing structure that is capable of bending and conforming to the crack in the event of shifting basement walls. With the FlexiSpan in place, this homeowner will no longer experience a leaking basement due to this crack!
Crawlspace In Long Island Sealed Properly With CleanSpace
Joe from Long Island had a crawlspace that would regularly take on water during rain. This was beginning to cause a smell, which was an obvious sign of mold growth, and Joe needed this the water dealt with. He logged online and found a solution in no time, TC Hafford Basement Systems. After we got the call, we dispatched a representative to inspect the crawlspace and determine the best potential fixes to stop the water leakage; giving Joe a free estimate on how much the repairs would cost. He decided on which fix he wanted and our crew got to work! We began by laying a Drainage Matting around the interior perimeter of the wall/floor joint. This mat will hold back moisture coming in through the joint, allowing it time to drain back out through the floor. We then encapsulated the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This is a plastic sheet that locks out all water trying to leak in through the walls or floor. Finally, we installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This will dry out the air within the crawlspace, maintaining a dry and healthy atmosphere. Now Joe has a dry crawlspace, which will remain dry for years to come.
Waterford, ME Basement Properly Removes Moisture with SaniDry CX
A homeowner of 20 years, Bruce, was noticing his finished basement was starting to become musty and damp. He could see mold growing on his sheet rock, and needed a way to eliminate this problem. Bruce searched online to find a solution. He found TC Hafford and made the call; we had a representative at the home to take a look and give a possible fix. The homeowner decided to go with a SaniDry CX. The SaniDry CX Dehumidifier will maintain a dry atmosphere in the basement. Killing off the mold and preventing more mold from growing in the future.  
Insulated and Sealed Crawlspace in Poland, ME
A homeowner in Poland had a crawlspace that was showing signs of moisture and mold. This would become a problem if left alone. After a quick internet search, Sherry had decided TC Hafford Basement Systems was the company to go with to help solve her problem. This crawlspace had no insulation, and no floor. To start, we laid down Drainage Matting to allow any water in the crawlspace to find it’s way out. Then we encapsulated the crawlspace with CleanSpace Liner. This seals out any moisture trying to enter through the surrounding earth. It also leave the crawlspace looking bright and clean. This homeowner now no longer needs to worry about any moisture in her crawlspace.
Moist Poland, ME Basement Kept Dry With WaterGuard
A homeowner in Poland was experiencing issues with a flooding basement. This was making the air extremely moist, creating a perfect environment for mold growth. Needing to stop the mold before it spread, the homeowner got online and searched for an answer. This is where he found TC Hafford Basement Systems. We were just what this homeowner needed to help solve his water issue. He called us the next day and we had our representative inspect the basement to give him a free estimate of cost. The homeowner gave us the green light and we got started First, we needed to dig up the inside perimeter of the basement floor and remove the debris. After this, we were able to lay our WaterGuard system down in this new trench, which was then covered over with loose rocks and cement to conceal it without hindering functionality. The WaterGuard pipes will catch any water trying to enter the basement through the walls or floor and direct it to the sump. Next, we installed a SmartSump sump pump in the sump of the basement, allowing the collected water to be pumped up and out through a PVC discharge line. Finally, we place a SaniDry CX dehumidifier in the basement to maintain a dry atmosphere. The SaniDry will take in the damp air, dry it out, and push it back into the basement to then dry out more air. This homeowner now has a basement which will remain free of water and air that is dry and healthy. This eliminates any chance for mold to grow by removing the environment in which it easily spreads.
Wet Crawlspace In South Freeport, ME Kept Dry With CleanSpace
A couple in South Freeport were experiencing problems with their crawlspace. Water was finding its way inside during rain, and causing moisture to build up in the air and on the floor. This was a perfect habitat for mold to grow, and the homeowner wanted to change this before they developed a serious mold problem. They soon heard about TC Hafford Basement Systems and gave us a call. We had a representative inspect the crawlspace and then we got to work! We needed to stop the water from entering the crawlspace. To do this, we encapsulated the walls and floor with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner will seal off the crawlspace from exterior moisture, not allowing any to pass through into the interior of the crawlspace. We then installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier. This machine will cycle through the air in the crawlspace, drying out any moisture gathering in the air. This dry air completely removes the environment in which mold grows, killing off any mold starting to grow in the crawlspace. Now this couple is worry free, with a mold-free crawlspace that will remain dry no matter how hard it rains!
Crawl Space Mold Problem solved in Pownal, ME
Bill from Pownal had a mold problem in his crawlspace. This problem needed to be solved, because mold is a very big health risk. After a quick google search, Bill found TC Hafford, and chose to go with us. After checking out the crawlspace, we got to work! We started by laying down a Drainage Matting. This matting will keep water from entering the interior of the basement, even if it seeps in through the walls or floor. We then encapsulated the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This liner completely locks out moisture. Maintaining a dry atmosphere within the crawlspace for the future. Now Bill is worry free.
CleanSpace Helps Protect Bailey Island, ME Crawlspace
A homeowner in Bailey Island was looking for a proper vapor barrier for their crawlspace. They needed it done the right way the first time, so they weren’t spending money, only to spend more shortly after. They did their research, and found that TC Hafford Basement Systems was their best bet! They gave us a call and we had a representative head over to give the homeowner their free estimate. We then got to work by encapsulating the crawlspace with a CleanSpace Liner. This will lock out any moisture trying to enter the crawlspace through the walls or floor. Now the homeowner has a properly installed vapor barrier that will last and maintain a dry, healthy atmosphere within their crawlspace for years to come.
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