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Job Stories

Sanbornville, NH Basement Waterproofed with TripleSafe Installation
A homeowner that lived in Sanbornville, NH had been experiencing trouble with water gathering in one corner of their basement. The water would leak in during rainfall and form one large puddle. Tired of dealing with this every time it rained, the homeowner called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems after finding our website online. We set them up with a free estimate from one of our sales representatives and they gave us the green light to begin work on the basement right away. As soon as our installation crew arrived at the home, they were able to begin work on the basement. First, a spot in the low point of the floor was excavated to create room for a TripleSafe sump system to be installed. The TripleSafe system houses three pumps inside. The primary and secondary pumps function to remove the bulk of the water gathering on the floor of the basement. The secondary pump will only activate if the primary pump either fails or cannot handle the current amount of water needing to be removed. The third pump functions using a battery and will maintain a dry basement floor even during power-outages in the home. The water flowing through the TripleSafe follows a discharge line up and out of the home. On the exterior of the home, two additions were made to this discharge line before our crew was finished waterproofing this basement. The first addition was an IceGuard pipe segment attached just beyond where the line leaves the side of the home. This section of piping has special upward facing holes built in that allow any water trapped within the line to escape. Now if ice or debris blocks the line, the water will be able to exit through the IceGuard without backing up into the basement and causing more flooding. Finally, a LawnScape discharge port was used to end the line. The LawnScape terminates through a grate, allow the water to drain away through the ground a distance from the home without allowing debris such as leaves to enter the line and cause blockages. With these additions properly installed below their home, this homeowner will no longer suffer from a flooding basement during rainfall. Their new TripleSafe sump system will ensure this basement floor stays dry for the future.
Cracks In Acton, ME Basement Walls Sealed Properly With FlexiSpan
Kevin of Acton was experiencing trouble with water entering their basement through cracks in their basement walls. He needed a way to seal up these cracks, and sought professional help to get the job done. After hearing about TC Hafford Basement Systems from a family friend, Kevin called us right away! We had our representative head to the home to give a free estimate. Kevin chose what work he wanted done and we got started. To begin with the solution, we filled the cracks with an initial layer of sealant. The sealant was then covered over with a foam matting. This matting will form the backbone off the final structure. This matting is finally covered with a second layer of sealant to completely lock out any moisture trying to enter through the cracks. This finished structure is known as FlexiSpan, and the foam matting gives the overall structure a flexible nature. Allowing it to bend and contort, should the walls shift in any way. Now with FlexiSpan covering the cracks, Kevin will no longer need to worry about water entering his basement!
Sealed Crack in Ossipee, NH, Basement
A homeowner in Ossipee noticed a crack forming in the wall of their basement. Water wasn’t flowing in through this crack yet, but they wanted it fixed nonetheless. A quick google search later and TC Hafford got the call! We got to work by filling the crack with sealant. This is the first layer of the FlexiSpan that will be used to repair the crack. The second layer is a foam pad that acts as the main structure for the crack repair. Finally the foam is covered with another layer of sealant. This will completely lock out any water, and allow the FlexiSpan to shift with any shifts in the wall; maintaining the integrity of the seal.
TripleSafe Sump Pump Is Just What This Ogunquit, ME Basement Needed
A homeowner in Ogunquit was experiencing trouble with their basement. Whenever it would rain, water would gather in one of the corners of their basement. They needed a sump pump to remove this water, and after being referred by a family friend, knew TC Hafford Basement Systems could provide exactly that. They called us to set up a meeting, and our representative was at the home in no time to inspect the basement and give the homeowner their free estimate. They selected which pump they wanted and we got to work! We began by digging out a sump in the basement floor. This would allow us to install the pump where most of the water gathered. We then installed a TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe is composed of three pumps, one primary for the bulk of the water, a secondary in case the primary fails for any reason, and finally, a battery powered backup pump in case the power goes out. With this sump pump in place, a flooding basement is a thing of the past for this homeowner!
Leaking Basement in Springvale, ME, Gets Waterproofed
A homeowner was experiencing water seeping into their basement during heavy rains. This homeowner attempted to solve the problem by acquiring a wet vacuum. This didn’t help much at all, and the problem proceeded to get worse. This brought the homeowner to the internet, where they found us, TC Hafford Basement Systems. They gave us a call and we sent our a representative to take a look and give a free estimate. The homeowner then decided what work they wanted done and we got to work! We dug out a sump for the homeowner, this is a location where all the water entering the basement will gather. Then we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This pump will then take this gathered water and force it up and out of the basement. The water travels through a PVC pipe, on the outside of the house, we attached an IceGuard piece to this PVC discharge line. The IceGuard filter will allow water to continue to be pumped out of the house if the lower end of the discharge line gets clogged by ice or other debris. Now this homeowner will have a much dryer basement.
Sanford, ME, Investor with Concerns of Flooding Contacts TC Hafford
A Homeowner in Sanford, who was investing in a new property, had water leaking into his basement through the block foundation. This was a major problem, and he immediately searched the web for a solution. Deciding on TC Hafford Basement Systems, this homeowner had come to the right place. After contacting us, Peter Folsom was dispatched to check out the basement and see what could be done to ratify the issue. Once the homeowner and Peter agreed on a fix, our crew was sent in to get to work. To keep the water out of the basement in the future, TC Hafford constructed a WaterGuard to catch water as it enters, guiding it to the newly installed SuperSump sump pump, which carries the water out of the basement. Now with a dry basement, and a system in place to keep it dry, this homeowner could feel much more confident in his investment.
Sump Pump In Moody, ME Basement Replaced With TripleSafe
A homeowner in Moody had a sump pump that would regularly back up. It just wasn’t powerful enough to push out all of the water that gathered in the basement. Needing to upgrade to a better sump pump, he contacted TC Hafford Basement Systems after seeing an ad for us on his television. We gave him a free estimate, then we got to work! Upon arriving at the home, we needed to remove the old pump from the sump. After making space, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump into where the old sump was. The TripleSafe pump houses three separate pumps which each have a purpose. The first is the primary pump, which is used for most of the water. The secondary pump is for when the primary pump can’t handle all the water or malfunctions for any reason. The third and final pump is battery-operated and is for when the power goes out in the house. The TripleSafe will keep this basement dry, no matter the amount of rain. To finish this project, on the exterior of the home, we attached an IceGuard pipe piece to the discharge coming from the sump pump. This IceGuard will allow water to escape the pipe should the lower end of the line become blocked by ice or other debris. Worrying about their sump pump is now a worry of the past for this homeowner!
WaterGuard Piping Protects Moody, ME Basement from Flooding
Living with a flooding basement wasn’t something this Moody, ME homeowner had in mind when buying their home. Seeking methods to keep the water from their basement, the homeowner searched online for a solution. They soon discovered TC Hafford Basement Systems and called us to set up their free estimate! After reviewing their options with our sales representative, the homeowner hired us to protect their basement from future flooding. With a concrete foundation beneath the home, our installation crew began their work on this basement by excavating a shallow trench into the floor, around the perimeter. This trench would allow our crew to lay WaterGuard piping down within the floor, surrounding the basement. Where the trench passed below a door exiting the home, a TrenchDrain pipe segment was intersected into the WaterGuard. This drain has an upward facing grate that will remain level with the surface of the floor while the WaterGuard piping is buried below a fresh layer of concrete. Within the basement floor, the WaterGuard pipes will take in any leaking moisture through slits along the edges of each pipe. The trapped water is then directed to the sump in the basement floor where it will be removed from the home without causing further problems. The newly installed piping embedded in this homeowner basement floor will ensure the space remains water-free. The WaterGuard piping will prevent water from gathering on the surface of this basement floor for years to come!
Damp Moody, ME Crawlspace Kept Moisture-Free with SaniDry Installation
Without any moisture protection in their crawlspace, this Moody, ME homeowner was in the market for a way to keep water from building up below their home. After seeing an ad on their TV, they called us at TC Hafford Basement Systems to set up a free estimate for themselves. After meeting with our sales representative, they hired us to get started on eliminating the moisture in their crawlspace. Upon arriving at the home, our crew got started by utilizing Spray Foam to fill in gaps between the rim joists above the crawlspace. This will help the homeowner maintain efficiency when heating or cooling their home. Next, to eliminate their moisture problem, a SaniDry CX dehumidifier was installed alongside a Condensate Pump. The SaniDry will collect the moisture in the atmosphere of this crawlspace by separating it from the damp air it pulls in. The dried air is then circulated back into the crawlspace while the water is passed to the pump for removal from the home. This process will continue until the crawlspace is once again moisture-free. With a new dehumidifier running, this homeowner should notice any musty smells or signs of a moisture problem dissipate from their home. The SaniDry CX will maintain a dry, healthy atmosphere below this home for years to come!
East Wakefield, NH, Basement Sealed With FlexiSpan
Dana from East Wakefield was having a problem with a couple of cracks that had formed in his basement. These two cracks would leak water into the basement during any heavy rain, and Dana needed something to be done about this. He searched the internet for a solution, and found it; TC Hafford Basement Systems. He contacted us immediately, and we sent a representative to give a free estimate of what could be done, and how much it would cost. After discussing options, the homeowner made his decision and we got to work. We stated the process of fixing the cracks by filling each crack with a sealant. This sealant is the first step of three for the installation of FlexiSpan. Secondly, we cover this sealant with a foam pad, this pad covers the crack completely and helps prevent water from leaking in around the first layer of sealant. Finally, the foam is covered over with a layer of sealant. This sealant holds it all in place, and acts as a final line of defense against water. The way FlexiSpan is structured allows for it to shift, should the wall around the crack alter at all; hence the name, FlexiSpan. Now this homeowner no longer needs to worry about water entering through these two cracks, they have been completely sealed off from outside moisture.
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