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Work Requests in Portland

TC Hafford Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Portland. Learn more about TC Hafford Basement Systems's recent work requests in Portland and nearby areas!

Learn more about TC Hafford Basement Systems' recent work requests in Portland, ME
Vicinity of Allen Ave in Portland
Water leakage via basement window; basement Insulation batting falling out, needs replacement- do you replace insulation? Basement joists leak water when heavy heavy rain.
Vicinity of Clinton St in Portland
Looking at options to help limit moisture in my basement.
Vicinity of Maine Ave in Portland
Cracked/leaking wall in basement
Vicinity of Brighton Ave in Portland
Would like a quote to waterproof my basement.
Vicinity of Gertrude Ave in Portland
I have two lally columns in my basement and the one has lots corrosion at the base and most likely needs to be replaced. I'd like to get a quote to replace the one column, and maybe the second one as well.
Vicinity of Ray Street in Portland
Preparing to refinish basement - need an egress. Looking to get a window well (most likely) but open to a bulkhead.
Vicinity of Cumberland Ave in Portland
Major cracking noticed. Evaluate major cracking and recommend methods of remediation to reduce further damages and promote wall stability. Exterior Front and Back The foundation wall exhibited moderate mid-wall bowing. Determine the cause, the likelihood of future damage and to discuss options for any necessary stabilization. (Exterior Back)
Vicinity of Regan Lane in Portland
We have a crack in the wall in the basement that is letting in water during heavy rain storms
Vicinity of Dalton St in Portland
I've noticed the vertical wooden supports in my basement cracking along the bottom and see some small cracks in the basement floor. The previous owners added a full dormer to the 2nd floor in 2009, so I just want to make sure there aren't any structural issues.
Vicinity of in Portland
Mold, wetness, sump pump, basement drain.
Vicinity of Deepwood Dr in Portland
Looking to add a battery back up sump pump and information on why basement smell musty
Vicinity of DiBiase St. in Portland
Replace old bulkhead with a new one and concrete repair if any and I imagine there will be.
Vicinity of Longview in Portland
Water leaking threw basement wall
Vicinity of Waldo St in Portland
Renovating a basement office and the west wall has a crack visible on the outside foundation wall and was the source of of leaks in the basement office. Applying for insurance claim.
Vicinity of Parsons Rd in Portland
I'd like an estimate for completely sealing the basement in our newly acquired home.
Vicinity of Hennessy Drive in Portland
I need a sump pump installed in my basement and also potentially exterior drainage.
Vicinity of Holm Ave in Portland
Single crack in our foundation wall.
Vicinity of Washington Avenue in Portland
Basement apartment in a building housing our small business that is unused for 15 years following flooding. Bottom 4' of wallboard removed as result. Would like to make into a respectable rentable unit.
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ave in Portland
We purchased our home in December of 2018. Our inspection let us know that there was some minor settling in the south corner of our home. Oddly, that section is not supported by our foundation. We would be looking to add support and lift that part of the home so that that area is level once again.
Vicinity of Percival St in Portland
My foundation is cracking from my house settling. Left front corner as you look at the house from the street
Vicinity of Wilkie Street in Portland
Interested in getting a couple estimates regarding insulation. First estimate for insulating roof area in crawl space of second floor of cape style house. Second estimate for basement insulation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Beverly St in Portland
Crack in foundation repair needed
Vicinity of Fall Ln in Portland
Currently our basement is used for storage and we wold like to make it into a more functional space. We have had occasional instances where there has been some water after a heavy rain and want to start there!
Vicinity of Jeanne Street in Portland
I recently excavated all around my bulkhead (all the way down to the footing) to tackle a wet basement issue. Cracks had formed where the bulkhead foundation joins the house foundation. And both surface and ground water were pouring in through that doorway. Long story short, I was planning (after excavating) to repair the crack and probably put in some drainage tile (run to the sump) before backfilling with something other than clay. After excavating, I noticed that the cracks separating the bulkhead foundation from the house foundation have widened significantly. The bulkhead foundation appears to be settling quite a bit. At this point, I'm thinking I need an expert opinion/intervention, as it's clear the clay soil has wreaked some havoc on the foundation and I'd rather future proof as much as possible while I'm at it.
Vicinity of Cumberland Ave in Portland
Bowing foundation wall.
Vicinity of Fernand St in Portland
Hi, looking to get an estimate on a vapor barrier. Residential home. Thank you
Vicinity of Barclay Ave in Portland
Discovered that my basement floor is wet. I have carpet (it's finished) and it is all wet around where the bulk head door Is and on either sides. Never had a problem. Home was built in 2003.
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Portland
We have a crack in our foundation we would like to repair.
Vicinity of Columbia Road in Portland
Need estimate for foundation work.
Vicinity of Riverside St in Portland
Two concrete sections of the swimming pool patio are sinking.
Vicinity of Hersey Street in Portland
Damp basement
Vicinity of Dennett Street in Portland
Corner of basement foundation has moisture issues - foundation feels 'soft' from both sides. Want to understand if any permanent damage and what mitigation we may need.
Vicinity of Westbrook St in Portland
We have an older inground pool with a concrete slab deck that has become uneven and we would like to level the slabs. We are interesting in getting an estimate from you for the cost of doing this. Thanks.
Vicinity of Inverness Street in Portland
I need a new basement crawl space door.
Vicinity of Essex in Portland
Basement leaks in two areas - one at the bulkhead (I think it's just the caulking that needs replacement) and one area of the floor/wall joint.
Vicinity of Cambridge Street in Portland
Crank in foundation at corner of house
Vicinity of Skylark Rd in Portland
Water infiltration in the basement damaged paneling and insulation. The issue is bigger than we can repair ourselves and I'm looking for quotes to fix it.
Vicinity of Coyle St in Portland
Concrete garage floor has cracks and part of slab sinking and separated from wall. single car garage in an older home. garage is at ground level and not above any house structures and connects directly the the driveway.
Vicinity of Kent Street in Portland
Seal basement where wall meets floor.
Vicinity of Westlawn Rd in Portland
Concrete in a couple areas in garage are sinking
Vicinity of W Kidder St in Portland
Building has a sump pump, however, water comes in around the perimeter of the basement floor especially bad when it rains as it pools and runs across the basement floor.
Vicinity of Mabel St in Portland
Water seepage in basement
Vicinity of Woodford St in Portland
Sealing stone basement
Vicinity of Ponce St in Portland
I live in a row house. My neighbor's water line to her house broke causing water to leak into my house. It was leaking for months before water started showing up in my basement. Her line has been fixed but I now have a crack at the corner. I have lived here for 40 yrs and have never had water in the basement.
Vicinity of Aldworth Street in Portland
I think my foundation is settling
Vicinity of Greenwood Lane in Portland
Looking to finish our basement but have seen a couple spots where moisture seems to be getting through the foundation.
Vicinity of Massachusetts Ave in Portland
Hi. We have a basement that is pretty damp. We would love to waterproof it so we can store things downstairs. Thank you! Sonya
Vicinity of Allen Avenue in Portland
Looking to have somebody come by to look at our partial dirt floor basement and provide a quote on possible solutions. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cumberland Ave in Portland
Large basement wall that is having water issues.
Vicinity of Alton St in Portland
Hello. Trying to investigate and fix intermittent flooding in my basement during heavy rains and high tides, coming through a floor drain. Sump pump that runs very frequently. Rain water between floor and wall. Thanks
Vicinity of Sanborn Street in Portland
Hello you've actually been out to my house before for a different water issue I do have water pooling in my basement I do not have a sump pump drain I need a sump pump drain and sump pump however it is a finished basement with the tenant so we would not be able to do your full drainage system which you did on my previous property will you do just a portion
Vicinity of Douglass St in Portland
We have concerns about potential air quality issues in the basement of a small cape in Portland. We are looking to get some information about what the next steps are for testing, water mitigation, and where our problems might be to prevent future issues. We had some flooding in the 2007 storm, and a few minor water issues since (boiler overage and laundry overage) and have seen mildew and some mold on the walls we'd like to check out.
Vicinity of Codman St in Portland
Damp basement
Vicinity of West St. in Portland
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Warren Avenue in Portland
We have a duplex that gets water 8n the basement everytimeit pours. . Would love an estimate of how much to fix.
Vicinity of Cypress Street in Portland
Crack in foundation in basement- cinder block foundation. Causing water to pool in basement.
Vicinity of Wildwood Circle in Portland
I have a crack in basement floor and got 3 inches of water through it (and also noted air bubbles in other areas) during last big rainstorm. Basement is also damp. I would like the crack addressed, basement waterproofed and dehumidifier installed. Basement is empty, unfinished. Thanks.
Vicinity of Massachusetts Ave. in Portland
I have water seeping in through my foundation, mostly at the seems around the perimeter of the basement. I've been dealing with 1-3" of water when we get 1" or more of rain. I'm hoping someone can come out ASAP to get me an estimate and let me know the scope of the work. The perimeter for the basement is about 100 linear feet. For now, email is the best form of communication. I can make a phone call around 10am.
Vicinity of Allen Ave in Portland
There is one area of my basement that consistently gets water during heavy rain. I would like to get a free estimate and discuss options for addressing this issue. I have an unfinished basement with a concrete foundation up to the grade and then brick.
Vicinity of Nevada Ave in Portland
Our basement floods when there is ground thaw and a lot of rain and snow melt. We would like to figure out why and make a plan to prevent it from happening. We have a historically dry basement but we've had two floods in the last year so something is up. Looking forward to solving this issue. Thank you.
Vicinity of Austin St in Portland
When it rains fairly hard we get water in our basement
Vicinity of Obrion Street in Portland
Our home was built in 1879 with with stone basement. We get the usual small puddles on the floor of the basement after moderate to heavy rainfall. We are looking for a cost effective method to handle these events and keep the basement humidity level within acceptable levels.
Vicinity of Melody Lane in Portland
Water seepage /leak in basement, on small area only, causing some wetness with heavy rain and/or snow melt. Appears to have been previously patched by prior homeowner. Was an issue last spring with snowmelt. I raised bank on side of house to eliminate water pooling up at side of house and there were no issues over the summer/fall until heavy rains of late.
Vicinity of Gleckler Road in Portland
I would like to have a crawl space encapsulated with a 6mil vapor barrier - considering doing it myself but want to see what you would charge.
Vicinity of Portland St in Portland
Just moved into a condo here. Would like an estimate to bring to association for repair priorities. Water mitigation Lateral foundation cracking Lally column replacement
Vicinity of Railway Av in Portland
Cracks in the basement where water is coming in. Home is for sale representing buyer. Is there any chance someone could come take a look on Friday morning? Thank you!
Vicinity of Mabel St. in Portland
Sig water in heavy rain/spring - like 3 inches all around perimeter. Need french drain or something like that.
Vicinity of Myrtle St in Portland
Smells musty
Vicinity of Congress St in Portland
Portland farmhouse from 1863, has a fieldstone foundation and half dirt floor, half poured concrete floor. Moisture issues.
Vicinity of Wildwood Circle in Portland
Would like to have an assessment of our current sump pump and a recommendation for a dehumidifier system to make our basement drier,
Vicinity of Bridgton Rd in Portland
Evidence of mold in basement, previous moisture, no gutters on house
Vicinity of Edgewood Ave in Portland
Crack in foundation
Vicinity of Felicia Lane in Portland
I have two cracks in my basement walls. Water is seeping in.
Vicinity of Allen Ave in Portland
Looks like we have water coming in from where the basement floor meets the basement walls and a couple of cracks
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Portland
Basement leaks during rain
Vicinity of Abby Lane in Portland
Recently we have developed a water issue in our basement. It appears to be ground water coming in from the area under the bulkhead. The rest of the basement is dry, it is only this one area that is of concern.
Vicinity of Vermont Ave. in Portland
Have a crack in the basement foundation, which has some water seepage when we receive rain or snow melt.
Vicinity of Wendy Way in Portland
Two issues. 1. Basement leaks through a window that is located under an addition, so the window is only accessible through the basement, in the past we cemented around it and it worked for many years, it is no longer working, now I would like a real fix. 2. my garage floor sinks in one area , I was reading on your web page that this can be corrected, I would like to get a quote for that as the area is right where we enter the house so it is always wet post snow melting off cars and rainstorms
Vicinity of Canco Road in Portland
Dirt basement, half crawl space, not used but very wet
Vicinity of Columbia Road in Portland
Have a wet basement and am looking for a sump pump installation
Vicinity of Fellows St in Portland
We would like to see what can be done to make our basement less wet. It doesn't flood, but we get puddles during heavy rains, seeping in from the walls. I don't think it can ever be completely dry, but we'd like to see what's possible. Thanks!
Vicinity of Grove St in Portland
We don't have a major floor in our basement, we just need help waterproofing it to keep it dry.
Vicinity of Woodfield Rd in Portland
I woke up to seeping water from the basement. We cannot figure out where it is coming from.
Vicinity of Edwards Street in Portland
My basement takes in water through floor cracks. The water does not accumulate, but drains in the corner. It is a slab basement with field stone walls. There is a perimeter drain, but I don't know if it is functioning. I'm interested in a solution to keep the water from coming in.
Vicinity of Cobb Ave in Portland
We are looking to purchase a home at 58 Cobb Ave. The crawlspace has some issues (moisture, insufficient vapor barrier, old insulation, open vents, etc) and it would be great if you could offer a quote/take a look to let us know how much it might cost to resolve. This week would be ideal to meet our deadlines for the sale. I look forward to hearing back! Hope
Vicinity of BANCROFT ST in Portland
I have a basement window that leaks with heavy rain.
Vicinity of Bolton St in Portland
Hi, After this past week of heavy rain, we've had a bit of water seeping into our basement through the side walls, and cracks in the floor. I've been vacuuming it up a couple times a day, but we would love to explore some long term solutions. Thanks! -Owen
Vicinity of Bartley Avenue in Portland
We have water coming in through bricks on one wall in our furnace room.
Vicinity of Kent Street in Portland
Cinder block foundation that is cracking
Vicinity of Inverness St in Portland
The basement of this property flooded a couple of times, an inch or so, not the entire basement, just partially. We had the gutters cleaned and the waterspouts fixed. We thought the problem was solved but it flooded again. We really want to know the cause and fix it. I need someone to take a look and give me a free estimate as soon as possible. I will call your office tomorrow (10/02) in the morning. Thank you. Rye
Vicinity of Obrion St. in Portland
Hi, We have two dirt crawl spaces in an addition and an old concrete floor in the main part of the basement that is letting water in. Basement is very damp and moldy and cannot be used for storage.
Vicinity of STROUDWATER ROAD in Portland
Vicinity of Woodmont Street in Portland
We live in a 100 year old house and one corner of the foundation in particular leaks water, especially with downpours. Suspect a tremendous amount of hydrostatic pressure on an old concrete foundation
Vicinity of Arthur in Portland
Bathroom addition is approx 8x15 ft. It sits on on posts. The corner post sank and is not supporting the one side so it seems to be putting all the weight on the middle post and that post is crushing into the wood beam above it. The floor is sinking into that area which is causing exterior back door alignment issues and a crack above the door frame. I have removed all of the old insulation down to joists and put a small bottle jack up to help support the weight in the meantime. I would like a quote to level the addition, insulate the crawl space and install a vapor barrier. (Repair and insulate the area as you determine is needed)
Vicinity of Phipps Road in Portland
Hello - you all did an amazing job in our basement in early 2014 with clean space, flooring, concrete, dehumidifier and double sump. Very big job. We have a couple cracks we are concerned if they present any risk at all. * Garage Floor * Furnace Room * Foundation Is it possible to have someone look at it before 9/4/18? thank you
Vicinity of BOYNTON ST in Portland
I have some water coming into the basement and when I was recently repointing I discovered some crumbling concrete under the foundation. Would like to learn more about the implications. Can run a dehumidifier for now, but would like to know what the short-term / long-term fix options are. I also have some cracked/smaller than ideal cross joists that I'd like addressed/sistered, not sure if that's something your crews do?
Vicinity of Pine Lane in Portland
Our basement is damp--the floor and walls are wet (not standing water).
Vicinity of Fobes Street in Portland
We have a basement that leaks and does not have insulation. It gets wet with most heavy rains. Our house was built around 1945.
Vicinity of Bolton Street in Portland
I have a leaky stone foundation. During heavy rain, my basement floor gets very wet (not quite flooded, but flooding is certainly possible). There is a floor drain along one wall, but the water comes in from 3 sides of the house, so the drain isn't effective along the other walls. I have no plans to finish the basement, however, I'd like to be able to use it for projects without fear of water covering the floor. I am looking for the least expensive way to solve. Likely, a drainage trench along the perimeter will be sufficient.
Vicinity of Veranda Street in Portland
I am a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. My client is purchasing properties at 118 Veranda and 126 Veranda Street in Portland. The 118 Veranda Street property was built in 1930 and has water in the basement during heavy rain. The 126 Veranda Street property was built in 2015 and has cracks in the basement floor. They would like to have these issues looked at and a recommended remedy with costs for both buildings. Please let me know if you would be available August 6th anytime after 1pm to look at. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mabel St in Portland
I moved into a house recently that was built in 1896. I'm wondering what can be done to make the basement drier /dry and /or more functional? Thank you!
Vicinity of Brighton Ave in Portland
We have a skinny but long crack in the basement foundation wall that we'd like to get filled.
Vicinity of George St in Portland
Our detached garage has a concrete floor that has a large crack. We want to determine what should be done to fix it and obtain a cost estimate.
Vicinity of Washington Avw in Portland
Seepage at basement perimeter
Vicinity of Longview Drive in Portland
Would like to have a crack in my foundation looked at.
Vicinity of Gleckler Rd in Portland
Outside foundation repair
Vicinity of Loraine Street in Portland
1946 cape with wet basement
Vicinity of Grant Street in Portland
We are looking to put in a radon system but our basement relies on open pipes under the floor that feed into a sump pump. We apparently need to get have it sealed off first. They recommended we contact you.
Vicinity of Prospect St. in Portland
A crawl space needs insulation A basement wall needs reinforcement/waterproofing
Vicinity of Congress St in Portland
Considering purchasing this home. Crawl space is a mess and radon count is 2.2. If we purchase, we need to encapsulate the space, so I am hoping someone could come out and work up a quote tomorrow at 1 pm.
Vicinity of Essex St in Portland
The floor of our basement is wet when it rains/snow melts. There is never more than a few mm of water at a time, but it's definitely wet!
Vicinity of Sheffield Street in Portland
We have water coming into our basement from underneath hatchway steps during heavy rains, as well as some leakage on the basement walls.
Vicinity of Spring St in Portland
We have a leaking basement and visible cracks in our brick foundation.
Vicinity of Cushman Street in Portland
Vicinity of Oregon St. in Portland
We moved into our house last fall. We have a partially finished basement that has gotten water twice this winter/spring. The first was the major snow melt in February and the second was the heavy rain in the middle of April. We have since removed the flooring (carpet) that was installed directly onto the basement slab. We have a working sump pump but it is installed in a shallow hole, where the float is just about at the bottom of the slab. We have water coming in at the bottom of the foundation wall in several locations along with water spouting through some small holes in the slab. We are looking for an opinion of what type of waterproofing system will work best for our basement.
Vicinity of Eighth St. in Portland
Recently put a room in my basement and am concerned about the wet basement looking for a solution to it.
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Portland
We recently purchased a 1929 bungalow in Portland. The property disclosure says the basement is dry. It is clearly not. Last Monday during heavy rain we got 3" of water in there. Ruined a whole bunch of stuff. We want to refinish half of the basement into a kids play room but first we would need to have a sump pump installed. So we'd like to get a quote. I left my phone home today. Please email. Thanks, Mike
Vicinity of Falmouth St in Portland
This past rain storm, I had about 4" of water in my basement. I am interested for your expertise in addressing this issue.
Vicinity of May St in Portland
Hello, We have a very wet basement and also need some foundation repairs. Would like to see what can be done to fix the problems. Thank you!
Vicinity of Allison Ave in Portland
Looking for a quote on your insulated wall panels for our unfinished basement Thank you
Vicinity of Colonial Road in Portland
Old, smelly, granite basement makes the whole house smell bad.
Vicinity of Washburn Ave in Portland
Newly under contract on this house, It has small amounts of water in 5 or 6 spots around the basement during rain fall and snow melt.
Vicinity of Delaware Court in Portland
I live in a condo in Portland. The basement has several good size cracks in the floor along with several hairline cracks. There is also a crack in the wall. I would like to have them filled, but not sure I can afford it. I know it would be hard to give me an estimate without seeing them, but are we talking like under or over $1,000? If it's over then I can't afford it. I work 8:30 - 5, so I am not here during the day. I also don't answer my cellphone, so if you call, just leave a voicemail. Email is my preference. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you so much.
Vicinity of Regan Lane in Portland
Bulkhead leaks into basement. Would like to fix or waterproof.
Vicinity of A St in Portland
Our basement takes on water after heavy rainfall.
Vicinity of Ray Street in Portland
There are structural issues in the basement that have caused slopping floors and cracks in the walls.
Vicinity of Arthur St in Portland
I have a ranch that has a very musty smell which seems to come from the basement. Basement is generally dry but I do get water leaking in from bulkhead area and some cracking and calcium deposits build up on the walls. Dehumidifier hasn't really done the trick.
Vicinity of Rowe in Portland
Water in basement
Vicinity of Carter Street in Portland
My basement gets wet and my entire house is humid most of the year.
Vicinity of Revere in Portland
Need basement looked at
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Portland
Basement gets wet after rain.
Vicinity of Woodford Street in Portland
Walls on outer part of second floor are 2 or so inches lower than ceiling in center of house - house is two family duplex - I will pay for all work. Foundation has suffered water leakage for at least 30 years - house is approx 100 yrs old - looking for an inspection of foundation to see what future work needs to be done.
Vicinity of Arlington St in Portland
Basement foundation repair
Vicinity of Sandy Ter in Portland
The basement in my house could use refinishing. House built in 1950 and has a cement floor. it's a dry basement so water isn't a problem. But, the floor is dusty and doesn't clean up well. just wondering what the cost might be to refinish the floor. The foundation walls probably could be repair, not sure if it's necessary. thanks
Vicinity of Raymond Rd in Portland
Looking for quote for insulation of small crawl space
Vicinity of Diamond Ave in Portland
Our cottage on Great Diamond island shows sagging and irregular floor levels from erosion. The original foundation was constructed using telephone poles on stone blocks 140 years ago. Require summary leveling and we are interested in the adjustable pier Jack posts you are offering.
Vicinity of Pearl St in Portland
Waterproof and new layer of concrete floor in basement
Vicinity of May Street in Portland
Dirt floor in basement and crumbling mortar resulting in wet, damp conditions
Vicinity of Mayland St. in Portland
Water entering basement through walls and floor. Also, the foundation around my bulkhead needs repair.
Vicinity of Regan Ln in Portland
I have a concrete walkway slab that has settled over time resulting in a steel angle to one side, becoming particularly hazardous in the winter.
Vicinity of Forest Ave in Portland
Would like a quote to install 2 basement egress windows to meet code
Vicinity of Frances St. in Portland
Need to replace a window in my basement.
Vicinity of Gleckler Rd in Portland
Wet basement
Vicinity of Morse St. in Portland
Wet basement 2 times in a month, needs to find the cause of leaking and fix. Thanks
Vicinity of Inverness ST in Portland
My basement is a wet basement. It is normally a little damp in the corners but dry over 90%. The current issue is that due to the enormous amount of snow and subsequent melt there is now water pooling in the basement. I'd prefer a long term solution to this issue. Thanks!
Vicinity of St. John St in Portland
Separation of walls from ceiling in the center of slab foundation.
Vicinity of Florida Ave in Portland
I have water coming up through my foundation. Also some spots seem hallow.
Vicinity of Bradley Street in Portland
Our basement is more or less perpetually wet, except during long stretches of dry weather. After having the backyard graded and the gutters repaired, it's clear we need to have a sump pump installed, as well as two major points of leakage in the basement wall dealt with.
Vicinity of Bolton Street in Portland
We recently moved into our 1920's home and are having water enter our unfinished basement where the floor meets the wall. Last fall, we installed gutters and downspouts in hopes of resolving our problem. Unfortunately, with recent snow melting and rain, water has once again entered our basement. We would like an estimate of the cost of installing a waterproofing system in our home.
Vicinity of Providence Street in Portland
Older home, just bought in June, leaks through basement wall on one side, travels all the way across the basement floor. Multiple areas of concern in basement walls.
Vicinity of Huntington Ave. in Portland
Noticed a small water leak in corner of business. Suspect a foundation crack. Interested in having an estimate done.
Vicinity of Florida Ave in Portland
I have a small room in my basement that leaks in the corners during heavy rain. id like to have the entire room sealed.
Vicinity of Yale Str in Portland
I noticed some cracks on the basement wall and not sure what is the reason
Vicinity of Harris Ave. in Portland
Several cracks on wall in basement on driveway side are leaking water.
Vicinity of Hawthorne St. in Portland
I have an old wood framed sump pump basin with a pedestal pump. I would like a proper basin installed with a sump pump.
Vicinity of Ludlow St in Portland
Radon Removal Systems recommended you (they installed a remediation system for us recently). We have a dirt floor crawlspace under an extension to the ranch-style home (bedrooms and a bathroom; original part of home has full basement w concrete floor and cinderblock walls). Musty smells are coming from the crawlspace, and it may be a source of radon also. It sounds like crawl space encapsulation could be very helpful, and we'd like to get an estimate from you. Thank you
Vicinity of Houlton Street in Portland
Hello. I have a wet and moldy basement. Can you help?
Vicinity of Label Ave in Portland
Our basement is almost always dry - except for maybe once a year during a really big rain storm when we will get some water coming up. We are hoping to finish our basement and need to ensure that it is permanently dry. Wondering what options we have.
Vicinity of George Street in Portland
I have 2 small basement windows which need wells.
Vicinity of Craigie St in Portland
Water coming up from basement floor in one section when we get lots of rain at once !! Or after long consecutive rainy days.
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Portland
Unevenly settled floors and cracking foundation walls in 1900 home.
Vicinity of Ludlow St. in Portland
I have a 680 sf crawl space that needs to be lined. Very tight space with posts in the middle.
Vicinity of Frederic Street in Portland
1962 poured cement basement. Leaks from base of wall during storms.
Vicinity of Allen Ave in Portland
Basement walls need repair
Vicinity of Rosemont Ave in Portland
Looking to purchase a home in Kennebunk, but the front porch is pulled away from the house and the porch foundation is cracked as well. The area affected is about 6x10 feet. How big an expense would it be to shore up that foundation? Ball park figure please & Thanks
Vicinity of Dorset St in Portland
Uneven floors and settlement of basement walls. House 100 years old.
Vicinity of Loraine Street in Portland
Some minor water leaking in through bulkhead and a few spots runs across the floor.
Vicinity of Washington Ave in Portland
Every big rain storm, i have had 8 inches across my whole basement and have to sump pump by hand. I do not have a sump pump system in place. Thank you
Vicinity of Deering Street in Portland
Need an estimate to dehumidify a basement.
Vicinity of Wordsworth St. in Portland
Water seeping through the floor and trickling trough the walls.
Vicinity of May Street in Portland
I have a brick walled basement that is musty and moist.
Vicinity of Byfield Road in Portland
We have and old detached garage probably build in the 40s or 50s with a wooden floor. The garage is supported by poles that come up from the ground - there is no concrete foundation. These poles have shifted their position in the ground and the foundation needs to be corrected.
Vicinity of Dakota St. in Portland
I have a dirt basement. Part of it is crawl space. I also have a rock ledge inside my basement which the foundation was built around it in 1936 (ish). I would like a free estimate - someone to check out my inside foundation condition, the ledge area and solutions on how I can keep the smell of the basement out of my upstairs house. Thank-you, Michelle
Vicinity of Regan Lane in Portland
In very heavy rains - 4" or more we get some water in the basement under the bulkhead door. Can you guys seal where the bulkhead is attached to the house from the outside ? What would the cost be ?
Vicinity of Longfellow Dr in Portland
Need to replace 5 basement windows with sliding windows not hoppers.
Vicinity of Parsons Road in Portland
My current sump pump ran continuously during the most recent downpour. The sump pit overflowed into the basement. I believe that the pump may be too small or the pit is too small to keep up with really heavy rain. The pump is only three years old and cast iron so I don't think that it is the problem. A lot of water was coming from the exit pipe in the yard. I would like a recommendation and a quote on the appropriate improvements as I expect more heavy rains are in our future
Vicinity of Coachlight Ln in Portland
I recently purchased a condo in Portland and had some water in the basement after yesterday's rainstorm. It appears to be coming in from an area near the bulkhead. I do have a sump pump on the other end of the basement which was running although there was no water at that end. My last home didn't have a basement and I've never had a sump pump so this is all new to me. I'm looking for some guidance as to what can be done to prevent water from coming in the basement in the future. I do have pictures that I can share from yesterday. Thank you!
Vicinity of Maggie Lane in Portland
I own a duplex and the rental side of the duplex has two cracks. We have patched the cracks numerous times but we are taking in water. We need to know the cost of fixing it with a more permanent solution.
Vicinity of Gertrude Ave in Portland
Cracks in foundation
Vicinity of Wayside Rd in Portland
Have bare concrete walls in basement. Interested in waterproof insulation.
Vicinity of Lester Drive in Portland
I have a rental house that has cement walls in basement - water leaks on walls.
Vicinity of Broadway in Portland
We have unleveled concrete around our pool that we need to have leveled. We are wondering the cost of this?
Vicinity of Harvard St in Portland
Concrete slabs on patio need to be leveled
Vicinity of Main St. in Portland
Want to get estimate om drying out a wet basement in a 170 year old house
Vicinity of Devonshire St. in Portland
Our basement is in pretty good shape but have a small amount of water every year during the spring thaw. Would like to eliminate that problem and consider finishing my basement.
Vicinity of Harris Ave in Portland
I have been experiencing water seeping into the cement bulkhead of my basement. It occurs every time it rains. I'm seeking a remedy to fix the crack. I do not want a sump pump remedy due to rising costs of electricity. Thank you.
Vicinity of Alpine Road in Portland
In the past few days, we have had water coming into our basement under a bulkhead door and would like someone to come out and look at what it would take to remedy the problem sooner rather than later. Thanks!
Vicinity of Wellington Rd in Portland
My basement is leaking. I need an estimate on a fix. Thanks.
Vicinity of Summit Park Ave in Portland
Hello. We have a finished basement. The only unfinished room is where the boiler is located. Every now and then we have some water coming in through the walls of this unfinished room. The sump pump is located on the other side of the basement, so the water runs through some of the finished area to get to the sump pump. I would like to get some estimates on options to solve this problem. Thank you! Rafael
Vicinity of Westbrook St in Portland
Multiple seepage and water entry points in basement. Unfinished.
Vicinity of Rosemont Ave. in Portland
Our basement gets a lot of water following heavy rain; want to get an estimate for waterproofing
Vicinity of Maine Avenue in Portland
I need a consult. Have a damp basement. Possibly need wall repair.
Vicinity of Cushman St in Portland
The back of our building seems to be sinking and pulling away from the rest of the structure. This is an ell build onto the back of the existing structure in what appears to be the 1940's.
Vicinity of Summit St in Portland
Water suddenly in basement for first time.
Vicinity of Ocean Ave in Portland
I would like an estimate of what it would cost to waterproof my cellar. It currently leaks when it rains.
Vicinity of Plymouth St in Portland
Would like a quote to waterproof my basement. Currently, there is no visible water/moisture, but there is apparent mold, especially in the summer months, that I would like to clear up. Eventually, we'd like to finish off the basement. Please call when you're available to discuss. Thanks!
Vicinity of Murray Street in Portland
Quote requested for waterproofing my basement
Vicinity of Washburn Ave. in Portland
Would like estimate for handling our wet basement. Water has started entering through bricks just above concrete foundation wall. Neighbors recently removed all their landscaping and may have slightly regraded. Since then, we have developed our water infiltration problem.
Vicinity of Portland Maine in Portland
Leaky basement in two different rooms.
Vicinity of Wilson St in Portland
We have an old Munjoy Hill small multiunit with a very humid basement. We are looking for ideas/quotes on possible solutions. Thank you.
Vicinity of Vermont Avenue in Portland
Crack in wall of basement leaking water into area near washer/dryer hookup
Vicinity of Alden Circle in Portland
Water in basement by the foundation. Not new problem, and getting worse. Would like free inspection and estimate.
Vicinity of Danforth St. in Portland
I love in an old house with a basement which goes from damp to wet. I have a sump pump, but it cannot keep up when it rains. As I live on a hill, the water seems to divert into the basement when there are heavy rains. I am interested in having someone talk with my property manager about ways to resolve this.
Vicinity of Jersey Ave in Portland
We have a concrete patio that is attached to our house, now is separated by a few inches and tilting up. We are not sure if this is an issue for the foundation it is up against in regards to water potentially freezing in between, or the bulk head. We want to know if it can be repaired, and what we should considering doing, including removing the patio. Thank you.
Vicinity of Edwards Street in Portland
The basemt has backed up recently and wanted clear my French drains and assess what else may be going on.
Vicinity of Illsley St in Portland
Recent flooded finished basement. Would like quote/recommendations on mitigation/prevention. Basement has floor drain which water came in. Seems that should only flow one way....the OTHER way.
Vicinity of Anthoine St. in Portland
Leaky basement during heavy rains. Water coming in around base of foundation.
Vicinity of Morning St in Portland
Wet basement, leaky stone walls
Vicinity of Pennell Ave in Portland
Looking to get an estimate for Sump Pump installation. Just bought a house and had a lot of rain today. We have had some basement leaking but noticed that even after sucking it all up some of the holes in the floor kept filling up with water. We do not have one now.
Vicinity of Belmont Street in Portland
I have a fieldstone foundation that needs some repair.
Vicinity of Hawthorne in Portland
Need a estimate on leaking basement.
Vicinity of Lane Avenue in Portland
Crack in basement water leaks in when raining, looking to get quote how much for repair.
Vicinity of Lawn Avenue in Portland
Standing water in basement during rains.
Vicinity of Stevens Ave in Portland
I have a wet basement.
Vicinity of Pine St in Portland
Perimeter drianage needed. Fieldstone foundation. Not urgent but needs fixing
Vicinity of Ashmont Street in Portland
I have a house under contract in Saco. The building inspector said there are signs of water and perhaps mold in the basement. I need to know how much it will cost to remediate it as soon as possible. Thank you!
Vicinity of Broadway in Portland
Could I get a quote to fix 3 or 4 cracks in the basement that leaks water on heavy rain.
Vicinity of Willow Lane in Portland
I would like to have someone take a look at our basement and foundation area - there is a gap somewhere, we just can't find it. Occasionally we can smell moisture in the air and recently we found a little mouse.... Thank you
Vicinity of Dibiase St. in Portland
I am looking to replace five 50 plus year old basement windows. They have the metal frames and they old storm windows which are mostly broken. I need an estimate on how much to replace and install these windows. they are the old standard size. 14X32.5 the metal frames are built into the cement foundation. Thanks in advance, Stacey Derrig
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ave in Portland
I have some leaking in the basement coming in from multiple points. It doesn't puddle up because I have a sump pump installed but when the weather is wet the pump runs constantly. Not nonstop but every 5 to 10 seconds. The drainage system where the pump is pumping outside is very poor. The water exits the pipe and hits a 2x8 board below the deck and falls down, pooling up around the house. I've set up a temporary fix to get the water further away from the house but I need something more permanent.
Vicinity of Bay Street in Portland
First, I believe you have already quoted on a different project of ours, to consider an extension on our property, some years ago and that might help with the current assistance. We have a wet basement that is preventing a timely sale of our property on Bay Street. We are looking for a minimal investment solution to dry up the basement and remove mold spores followed by a sealing project to keep it dry. Please let me know if this is something you are prepared to assist us with?
Vicinity of Torrey Street in Portland
Basement leaks water in heavy rain.
Vicinity of Grove Street in Portland
My basement gets wet when it rains and a during mud season. I have a dehumidifier running most of the time to keep it dry down there. I would like to turn the space into a laundry room and a pantry for food and possible put tile down once it has been waterproofed.
Vicinity of Orange Street in Portland
You folks just incorrectly installed a sump pump system in our house.... You rerouted the sewage for the house so it's being pumped out the sump pump. Please call immediately
Vicinity of Tucker Avenue in Portland
Have a crawl space under dinning room with a dirt floor that doesn't have a moisture barrier? What would the cost be to correct?
Vicinity of George in Portland
Crawl space under a 20'x15' addition. Needs to be sealed and insulated. Former cellar window in cellar is access point. It may need to be made larger. Can you help?
Vicinity of Rustic Lane in Portland
I am looking to finish my basement into living space.
Vicinity of Broadway in Portland
Crack in foundation wall top to footing with radiating spider cracks extending 4' on ether side. Needs external repair
Vicinity of Myrtle in Portland
Own a house with a basement.
Vicinity of Cumberland in Portland
Moisture seepage through basement floor and possible mold as a result.
Vicinity of Ludlow Street in Portland
Cracks and leaks in basement
Vicinity of State Street in Portland
Would like to install dehumidifiers in basement of condo building.
Vicinity of Victor Rd in Portland
There is a previously repaired crack in my basement wall that has started leaking again, I would like to get an estimate on getting it fixed.
Vicinity of Brighton Ave in Portland
I am interested in receiving a quote to resolve a damp basement issue we have.
Vicinity of Roaring Brook Rd in Portland
Crack in the foundation a little leak in the basement.
Vicinity of Summer St in Portland
WOuld like an estimate to waterproof our basement
Vicinity of Fox Street in Portland
Wet basement and foundation problems
Vicinity of Alton St. in Portland
I had terrible basement flooding yesterday with the heavy rains. We got a foot of water and everything we stored in the basement has been ruined. I think there may be a new crack in the basement wall, or maybe more than one, that let all the water in. The house is 90 years old and has never had flooding like this before. Most of the water has since been sump-pumped away but obviously I don't want this to happen again.
Vicinity of Rowe Ave in Portland
Hi, I've been a prior customer for a water leak in the basement. Now there appears to be mold in several areas in the basement. Could we set up an appt. for someone to come by and check to see if there is mold and an est. cost. Thank you.
Vicinity of Whitney Ave in Portland
I would like to fix my basement water problem so I may finish it
Vicinity of Howard Street in Portland
Basement needs waterproofing and improved drainage - issues with heavy rain
Vicinity of Mitton Street in Portland
Looking for an estimate on a new slab and water-sealing basement - possibly w/ walls, etc.
Vicinity of Florida Ave in Portland
Hi - I got a recommendation to call you when Horizon energy paid us a visit today. He says that we would need to take care of our crawlspace before we can think of insulating the roof, which made sense. So, I would like an estimate on containing the crawlspace. Thanks!

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