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TC Hafford Basement Systems Case Studies: Exeter, NH Basement Waterproofed Properly With WaterGuard

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner in Exeter, NH was looking for a way to dry their wet basement. After looking around, TC Hafford Basement Systems was the right choice for them! After receiving the call, we were at the home in no time.


Upon arrival, we needed to determine the main entry point of the moisture. This being the foundation itself, it was no surprise this homeowner couldn’t stop the water on their own. This is a typical problem with concrete foundations, and we here at TC Hafford have just the fix! Our WaterGuard piping is buried in a trench around the inside perimeter of the basement floor. The WaterGuard pipes are designed to capture the moisture as it moves through the concrete. This prevents it from ever reaching the surface to begin with. This trapped water is then guided to the sump for removal.

To handle the removal of the water, we installed a SuperSump sump pump in the basement. This pump will take in the water from the WaterGuard, and force it up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. This pump can handle up to 2,650 gallons of water per hour. Plenty of power to keep any typical storm at bay. To keep the pump operating even under extreme conditions, we attached an UltraSump backup battery. The UltraSump gives the SuperSump an extra 11,000 gallons lifespan if and when the home loses power during a storm. This could save the basement from any potential disasters during an exceptionally hard rainfall.

Finally, to complete this project, we moved outside to make additions to the discharge line. The first of the additions was an IceGuard section. This segment of pipe is located just as the line leaves the home, and has holes built into it. These holes do not affect normal water flow, however, in the event of a blockage, will allow trapped water to escape. This keeps the SuperSump safe from an overflow. We then ended the line with a LawnScape discharge point and we were done. The water is let out onto the ground here, far enough from the home where it will never bother this homeowner again.

This homeowner is now happy with their dry basement. Thanks to their new basement system, they can use their basement without worrying about moisture problems!

Project Summary

Products: WaterGuard, SuperSump, UltraSump, IceGuard, LawnScape

Sales Rep.: Brian Kavanagh

Foreman: Mike Keyser

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