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TC Hafford Basement Systems Case Studies: WaterGuard Piping Keeps Portsmouth, NH Basemen Safe From Flooding

Thursday, December 6th, 2018 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner living in Portsmouth, NH was looking for some basement waterproofing. With water leaking into their dirt basement and lingering, the homeowner needed a better way to control the water that wasn’t exiting through their sump. After searching online for a solution, they soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems and knew we were the right company for the job!


Once our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work on the basement by pouring a fresh slab of concrete across the basement floor to provide a layer of protection against outside moisture. Within this concrete slab, just beneath the surface, we installed WaterGuard piping around the outer edge along the walls. This piping, once sealed within the floor, will capture any moisture still trying to leak into the basement through the concrete. This trapped water is guided beneath the surface of the floor to the sump where it will exit the home.

The crawlspace beneath this home was also in need of waterproofing, with damp conditions constantly plaguing the space. To keep the moisture from reaching the interior of the space in the future, a Drainage Matting was laid across the floor. This mat sits just off the surface of the floor where it will keep moisture beneath itself while allowing it room to flow to the best location for draining away. Finally, we installed a FloodRing around the water heater beneath the home. This is a short wall which encircles the water heater in case of any leaks. This will prevent the water heater from flooding the basement because the water within the ring is given a small drain down into the WaterGuard so that it can be carried out of the home through the sump.

With their new installations in place, this homeowner no longer has any worries regarding moisture gathering beneath their home. The WaterGuard piping will keep their new basement floor dry for many years to come!

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Products: Slab, WaterGuard, Drainage Matting, FloodRing

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