Inspect Your Foundation For Earthquake Damage

If you felt unsteady for a brief moment this past Tuesday, don’t worry – you are probably fine. The shaking you felt was actually the ground moving under your feet! A now confirmed 4.5 magnitude earthquake occurred at roughly 7:15pm in southern Maine, just left of Portland.

The effects were felt by many, including most of Maine’s neighboring states. Those that noticed the earthquake compared the sound it produced to a thunderous boom – something you’d expect to hear from an explosion or large car crash. The whole experience lasted for fifteen to thirty seconds.

Now the real question emerges: Was your home damaged in any way? When these types of events happen, we must immediately check our home’s foundation for any kind of problems. It was reported that a Maine homeowner found many small cracks in the foundation of their house after the quake had finished.

You may only see small cracks in your foundation, but you still may have a larger problem on your hands. Foundations that present hairline stress cracks might only be of the visible variety. Larger cracks in deeper state are a high possibility and pose a serious threat to your house. If the ground shifted again, your home could be in jeopardy.

Homes that reach this state are considered “compromised” and continue to only gradually get worse.

It’s important to address all foundation problems as soon as they are noticed. If they are caught early enough, repair may not only be easier, but less expensive as well. Any risk that once existed is almost totally minimized. Foundation repair is the smartest solution to “unsettling” foundations and in the long run, it is the most affordable.

Let the foundation repair experts find the right solution to your specific foundation problems. Our foundation specialists have access to state of the art technology that can strengthen and stabilize soil at completely different depths. Whether it’s the installation of wall anchors, foundation piers, or other foundation solutions, we are the professionals.

TC Hafford Basement Systems offers free estimates and foundation inspections in case your home has foundation cracks, settling, bowing, shifting, etc. They will discover any issues or damage with your foundation and advise you in the best way possible to repair the problem.

Protect one of the largest investments you will ever make from losing value by repairing the problem as quickly as you can. Contact TC Hafford Basement Systems for a free foundation repair estimate today.

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