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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: Wolfeboro, ME - WaterGuard & TripleSafe Installation

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 by Nick Hafford


Jeff had been living with a moist basement for years. Rain would leak in through the foundation, and he was tired of this water gathering in his basement. Jeff decided he was going to do something about it!


The rain water leaking into the basement was entering via what is known as hydrostatic pressure. This is where the water pressure in the surrounding soil is great enough to force the water in through tiny cracks and holes in the concrete. To stop the moisture as it travels through the foundation, we installed 232 feet of WaterGuard piping below the surface of the basement floor. This special piping will capture the water before it reaches the floors surface, guiding it away to the sump to be removed. This piping is covered over with cement to conceal it below the floor, while still allowing it to function as intended.

We then installed a TripleSafe sump pump in the sump to take care of the water. This device contains three individual pumps, each with a specific job. The primary pump will move the bulk of the water up and out of the basement. The secondary pump only activates if the primary fails for any reason, or just can’t handle all the water. The third and final pump is a battery backup pump. This pump will activate when the power in the home goes out. This system is sure to be able to evacuate any and all the water trying to flood the basement.

Finally, we added some finishing touches to complete the waterproofing system. We installed a SaniDry XP dehumidifier within the space to capture any moisture in the air, and remove it through the sump. Then, on the exterior of the home, attached to the discharge line coming from the sump pump, we installed an IceGuard. The IceGuard is a unique pipe that allows water to exit the line in the event of a blockage. This prevents the sump from backing up and overflowing. Lastly, the LawnScape end piece was installed onto the discharge line. This is where the water is let out into the soil, a safe distance from the home.

Now with these systems in place and working together, a wet basement is a thing of the past for Jeff!

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