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Pouring New Slabs In Existing Structures Near Portland, Rochester, Bangor

A damp basement with an inconsistent concrete floor

Basements and crawl spaces with damaged floors, dirt floors, or floors with an inconsistent concrete floor can easily be upgraded to create a drier, more useful space.

If it's worth having a basement at all, it's certainly worth having one that's dry, healthy, and usable as storage space!

At TC Hafford Basement Systems, we can upgrade your basement floor by installing a new concrete surface. This will create a drier, more attractive space in your basement, as you gain storage space and value in your home.

Whether you're experiencing leaky cracks on your basement floor or simply interested in converting your dirt floor to concrete, the specialists at TC Hafford Basement Systems can provide a new, smooth finish. To schedule a free concrete flooring quote, contact us by phone or e-mail today! We serve the Maine, including Portland, Bangor, Rochester, nearby Lewiston, Portsmouth, Dover, Waterville, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Brunswick, Saco, Scarborough, Westbrook, Sanford and the surrounding areas. 

Homeowners Install A New Concrete Floor To...

Our installers pride themselves on their fast, professional results in your home. We've poured hundreds of new concrete floors throughout our company history. Our favorite projects are typically older structures from the 1800's!

Five Steps To Installing A New Concrete Slab

It is amazing to see the transformation from what was once an old, dingy unusable space to a dry, clean storage/living space! Our contractors can combine the installation of your new floor with a complete waterproofing system underneath, including a perimeter drain and drainage matting.

When installing a concrete slab floor, we follow these five steps:

A wet, uneven, dirt basement floor.

Leveling & Grading As Necessary

Whether you're planning on finishing the floor after the concrete slab is installed, or you'd simply like to be able to access the space comfortably, a level, even floor is always a fantastic option.

Leveling the floor will prevent puddling in low areas, while also assisting your system in draining excess water to your sump pump system.

Before we install your concrete flooring system, our specialists will remove any loose debris present and level the floor to a flat, even surface.

Delta MS Underslab Vapor Retarder installation

Install The Delta MS Underslab System

Next, we install a durable Delta MS Underslab Vapor Retarder along the entire floor surface.

The Delta MS Underslab Vapor Retarder System is designed to collect water that may be present on the floor, directing it towards the waterproofing system that will be present along the perimeter of your basement.

As an added benefit, your slab will be protected from water vapor that would otherwise continually rise through the pores of the concrete slab. This is a fast, easy step that will make your basement will be drier and healthier than ever!


The FlowGuard thin floor weeping tile system installed in a dirt basement floor

Install A Perimeter Drain System

To drain any flooding water out of your basement, we also recommend installing a perimeter drain system (most often our WaterGuard® Drainage System) along the top of the the foundation footing in the interior of your basement. Shown in the image to the left is our FlowGuard System, a second option that's designed to instead be placed in front of the foundation footer.

Any water that enters from the walls or floors will be collected by our perimeter drain. The drainage system is sloped downwards to direct all collected groundwater to your sump pump system, which will also be installed.

Pouring a concrete slab floor

Place The Concrete

Once the floor is level and the waterproofing system is in place, our experts will begin to place the concrete for your new slab basement floor.

The concrete floor is typically poured to 3"-4" thickness, ensuring a durable, quality floor. The floor will typically take about a week's time to cure enough for normal use.

Pouring the floor to this thickness also allows us to install the perimeter drain system to be installed on top of the foundation footing, instead of being located in the "mud zone" in front of the footing. This keeps the drain out of the mud and away from potential clogs.

The TrenchDrain Grated Drainage Pipe System installed along with a new concrete slab floor

Trowel The Concrete Slab Floor

We take pride in leaving each job looking smooth, professional, and fantastic! Once the concrete floor has been placed, our experts will carefully trowel the floor until it's smooth and clean-looking.

When the work is done, your perimeter drain system will be all but invisible on your floor -- save for a 3/8" flange extending up to collect any water that might leak from the walls.

If you've installed our grated TrenchDrain System to collect water that might flood in from a hatchway entrance, we'll cover it up as we trowel to keep concrete residue from drying on the drain.

We Repair & Upgrade Concrete Slab Floors In Basements & Crawl Spaces!

At TC Hafford Basement Systems, we'd be happy to help you upgrade your concrete slab floor -- and install our award-winning waterproofing system in your home. Our system also includes a written warranty.

For a free concrete floor installation quote, call or-email us today! Our service coverage includes Maine, including Portland, Bangor, Rochester, surrounding areas such as Lewiston, Portsmouth, Dover, Waterville, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Brunswick, Saco, Scarborough, Westbrook, Sanford and nearby.


Upgrade A Dirt Floor

Most crawl spaces and many basements are built with no flood -- leaving hard-packed earth as the bottom surface.

Dirt floors in a basement or crawl space introduce a continual supply of moisture from the earth around them, making the space damp, humid, and musty. As the humidity builds, the space can quickly become a breeding ground for mold and moisture -- which will grow on all organic materials in the space -- including the dirt floor itself. In many cases, groundwater will also seep upwards from the floor.

Installing a concrete slab on the floor is a great way to functionally and aesthetically upgrade the space, while significantly increasing the value of the space.

We also recommend taking advantage of this installation to install drainage matting, a perimeter drain, and a sump pump system while opportunity for a fast, easy installation presents itself.

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A dirt basement floor

Restore A Damaged Concrete Floor

Concrete slab floors will often begin to form cracks when the soil underneath settles or washes away, no longer supporting the slab. Cracks may also occur when clay soils expand with moisture, pressing upwards on the slab and causing cracks to form.

Cracked floors provide an entryway for flooding water, humidity, and odors from the ground below. Over time, this can also lead to increased mold, rot, and mildew in your basement -- making it unusable for storage.

With the proper installation of a new floor, including a waterproofing system, you can permanently restore beauty and functionality to the space.

We install a vapor retarder underneath our floor systems as well -- one that will keep back the water vapor that can make its way through the pores of concrete to create a more humid environment in your basement.

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a partial installation of our insulated basement wall panels

Prepare The Floor For Finishing

A properly maintained basement is like a clean slate. It's ready for use as storage, but as an entire floor of space in your home, it's also provides the opportunity to create a large new area of finished space. What would you do with a new, naturally private space in your home?

At TC Hafford Basement Systems, we do more than just waterproof the basement and repair your floor! We have nine different finished flooring options that are custom-designed for a finished basement. Our waterproof flooring includes a synthetic wood design, as well as floor tiles in carpeted and stone flooring designs.

We also have several options for your basement walls, including waterproof panels, studded wall insulation panels, and more! Be sure to ask your System Design Specialist for details on how we can finish your floor and prepare your walls for finishing!

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A white plastic vapor barrier installed on a basement wall.

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