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Foundation Repair Case Studies: PowerBrace Supports Keep Portland, ME Home Safe from Structural Failure

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner living in Portland, ME was worried about one of their basement walls. It had been showing cracks and the supports were beginning to bow. Unsure how to solve this problem on their own, the homeowner searched for a solution online. They soon came across TC Hafford Basement Systems and knew we were the answer to their question. They called us right away and we got to work!


Once our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work right away by taking measurements of the wall. This was to select the right placements for PowerBrace supports to be installed. After the measurements were taken, some framing wood was removed to make room for the beams. The steel PowerBrace beams were then installed vertically along the wall, where they were secured into place at the top and bottom of the wall. A steel “runner”, a metal plate, was installed at the top of the PowerBrace, secured to the supports in the ceiling to distribute the load. Once tightened in place, the PowerBraces will carry the weight of the house without fail.

Now that theses installations have been made, this homeowner no longer has to worry about any structural damage to their home due to failing supports. The PowerBraces will keep this home in place for many years into the future!

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