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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: North Berwick, ME Basement Protected From Water Damage With WaterGuard

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner in North Berwick, ME had been experiencing difficulties keeping water out of their basement. Wanting to use the space for storage, they feared potential water damage to their property. To completely waterproof their basement, they called TC Hafford Basement Systems.


Once our crew arrived, they began by identifying the entry point of the water that had been gathering within the basement. The moisture was leaking in directly through the concrete foundation, which made it impossible for the homeowner to stop. To put an end to this leakage, we dug out a shallow trench around the inside perimeter of the basement floor. This is where we laid our WaterGuard piping. The pipes were then buried beneath a fresh layer of cement to conceal them without hindering their function. WaterGuard pipes are designed to capture moisture as it travels through the concrete, preventing it from ever reaching the interior of the basement. The water trapped within the WaterGuard is then guided to the sump for removal.

Once the water reaches the sump, it enters the SuperSump we installed. The SuperSump takes the water and forces it up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. The SuperSump can move up to 2,650 gallons of water per hour, which should be more than enough power to keep the basement water-free. Following the discharge line outside, we attached an IceGuard pipe piece to the line. This section of pipe has holes built into it. These holes do not affect normal water flow, but will allow any water blocked by ice or other debris to escape before overflowing the sump. The water finally exits the line a safe distance from the home through a LawnScape discharge point.

Now that this homeowner has a waterproofed basement, they can use their basement for storage without needing to fear any kind of water damage. The WaterGuard piping system will keep their basement water-free for years to come!

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