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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: South Berwick, ME Basement Waterproofed With WaterGuard

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner in South Berwick, ME had a flooding basement. Not knowing where the water was entering through, nor how to stop it, they needed help. To get the basement under control, they called TC Hafford Basement Systems.


Upon arrival, our crew inspected the space to find out where the water was entering. The water had been coming in directly through the foundation of the basement. This is a common problem, and TC Hafford has just the fix! We began by excavating a shallow trench around the perimeter of the basement floor. This is where we then laid our WaterGuard piping. Buried beneath a fresh layer of cement, the WaterGuard pipes act beneath the floor. Now any moisture leaking in from the outside will become trapped in the WaterGuard and flow toward the sump where it will be removed. No more moisture will reach the surface of this basement floor.

With the WaterGuard in place, there would be an increased concentration of water entering the sump and needing removal. To handle this, we installed a TripleSafe sump pump. This device holds three pumps. A primary pump which removes the bulk of the water captured by the WaterGuard. A secondary pump which acts as a failsafe for the primary, kicking on if the first pump fails for any reason. The third pump is a battery-operated backup pump to keep the process flowing even without power in the home. The TripleSafe sends the water out of the home through a PVC discharge line.

Outside the home, we had two key features to add to the discharge line before we were done. The First was an IceGuard pipe section. This special piece of pipe sits just outside the home, and has holes built into it. These holes are oriented such that they do not affect normal water flow. However, in the event of a blockage in the line, such as ice, these holes allow the water to escape before reaching the TripleSafe and overflowing. Finally, we added the LawnScape discharge point onto the end of the line. The water exits here, a safe distance from the home. Once out of the line, the water drains away into the earth, never to bother this homeowner again.

With the problem identified and solved, this homeowner can now utilize their basement without fear of water damage. The WaterGuard piping will keep this space water-free for many years to come!

Project Summary

Products: WaterGuard, TripleSafe, IceGuard, LawnScape

Sales Rep.: Mark Drew

Foreman: Joseph Antkowski

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