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Basement Waterproofing Case Studies: WaterGuard Piping Keeps South Berwick, ME Basement Water-Free

Thursday, February 28th, 2019 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner living in South Berwick, ME was living with a damp basement, which had been this way for quite some time. The concrete foundation beneath the home was not keeping the outside water from leaking in like the homeowner would have hoped. Looking for a way to keep the space dry in the future, the homeowner searched online. They soon found TC Hafford Basement Systems and called us right away to set up their free estimate. They were happy with the options we gave them, and we got to work!


Once our installation crew arrived at the home, they began work on the basement. To keep water from entering in through the foundation, we began by digging a shallow trench into the perimeter of the basement floor. WaterGuard piping was then laid down within this trench and buried beneath a fresh layer of concrete. These pipes will capture the leaking moisture in the future, guiding it through the floor to the sump before it is able to reach the surface. Now no more moisture will gather across the floor and cause dampness throughout this basement.

In the existing sump located within the basement floor, we installed a SuperSump sump pump. The SuperSump is able to remove over 2,600 gallons of water from the basement every hour. This water follows a PVC discharge line up and out of the home. To help keep the SuperSump operational during potential power outages, we installed an UltraSump backup battery. This battery allows the SuperSump to continue to remove water from the home for up to 11,000 gallons before requiring a charge. This will keep the basement floor dry even when the home is without power during exceptionally heavy rainfall.

Following the discharge line outside, we made two additions to the line to complete this project. The first of these additions was the IceGuard pipe segment. This piece of piping was attached to the line just beyond where it exits the home. The IceGuard has special holes built into its sides which allows for any water blocked by debris in the line such as ice to exit before backing up the sump. Water exiting through the discharge line normally will not be affected by the IceGuard. Lastly, we attached a LawnScape discharge port on the end of the line. The water exits onto the ground here to drain away harmlessly; too far from the home to cause any further problems.

With their new waterproofing products in place, this homeowner now has peace of mind during any heavy rainfall! The WaterGuard piping and sump upgrade will keep this basement free of water for many years to come!

Project Summary

Products: WaterGuard, SuperSump, UltraSump, IceGuard, LawnScape

Sales Rep.: Peter Folsom

Foreman: Joseph Antkowski

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