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StableLock: Repairing Failing Foundations Without the Need to Lift Your Home

Following a recent home inspection, a homeowner in Fairfield received unsettling news regarding a failing foundation that demanded immediate attention. Swiftly reaching out, the homeowner contacted TC Hafford Basement Systems. Expert System Design Specialist Thomas Rich evaluated the situation and devised a comprehensive solution.


Introducing the innovative StableLock Wall System, designed to address the escalating challenges of deteriorating foundations. The conventional approach involving house lifting, removal of the compromised wall, and subsequent pouring of a new concrete wall proved excessively disruptive and financially burdensome. Harnessing cutting-edge concrete forming and shoring techniques, StableLock not only fills voids but also reinforces existing walls, resulting in a seamless, resilient wall that encapsulates the superior attributes of a freshly constructed basement wall.


Preserve both your home and your finances with the transformative potential of StableLock!

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