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TC Hafford Basement Systems Case Studies: WaterGuard Piping Protects Exeter, NH Basement From Moisture

Saturday, February 17th, 2018 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner in Exeter, NH owned a basement which had a concrete foundation. This concrete, however, was allowing for moisture to leak into the home, which was causing problems for the homeowner. To put an end to these problems, the homeowner called TC Hafford Basement Systems.


Once the TC Hafford crew arrived at the home, it was apparent what needed to be done to keep this home safe from water damage. Beginning work, we dug out a shallow trench around the inside perimeter of the concrete floor. Within this new trench, we installed a WaterGuard piping system, covered over with loose rocks and a fresh layer of cement. Buried beneath the surface of the floor, these pipes will capture any moisture that attempts to leak in through the floor. The water trapped within the WaterGuard is guided to the sump in the basement floor for removal.

Taking on the role of water-removal, we installed a SuperSump sump pump. This device can move over 2,600 gallons of water every hour. This water is forced up and out of the home through a PVC discharge line. In the event of a power-outage, the SuperSump would fail, allowing for moisture build-up. To prevent this, we attached an UltraSump backup battery to keep the SuperSump operational whenever the home is without power.

Outside the home, the crew made two final additions before they were finished with this job. The discharge line was susceptible to blockages caused by ice or debris. These blockages might cause an overflow in the sump. To prevent this, we attached an IceGuard pipe segment just outside the home. This piece has holes built into it which allow for the trapped water to escape. Finally, the line was ended with a LawnScape discharge point. Here the water exits onto the ground, far enough from the home to never bother this homeowner again.

With a fully functional basement system in place, this homeowner doesn’t need to worry about water build-up anymore. This Exeter, NH basement will remain dry for years to come thanks to the WaterGuard piping.

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