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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Leaking Ossipee, NH Basement Sealed With FlexiSpan

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018 by Nick Hafford


A homeowner in Ossipee, NH had been suffering from a damp basement. The moisture was coming in through two cracks in the walls. These cracks were a problem for the homeowner, and to have them sealed, the homeowner called TC Hafford Basement Systems.


Once we arrived, we assessed the cracks to figure the best solution. Since these two cracks were located in ways that would require different methods of sealing, we began with the FlexiSpan. The first crack was out in the open, running down one wall. To seal this, we began by brushing it clean of debris. We then applied an initial coat of sealant into the crack. After this, we laid a foam mat over the top, running the length of the crack. This foam gives the FlexiSpan its flexibility. Finally, we coated another layer of sealant over the top and the FlexiSpan was complete. FlexiSpan will keep water from entering through this crack, while also adhering to the crack should any shifting in the foundation occur.

Moving on to the second crack, which was hidden beneath some support beams, we needed to use a Polyurethane injection. To begin this, we brushed the crack clean as with the first crack. We then applied an initial layer of sealant, but while applying it, we inserter plastic plugs every few inches up the crack. After this layer dried, we popped the ends of the plugs off to create tubes leading inside the crack. We then injected Polyurethane into the crack until the crack was filled. The caps were then reinserted to lock the injection inside. Once dry, the Polyurethane completely locks out moisture, returning the wall to its original state.

Now that these two cracks have been sealed, this homeowner will no longer need to worry about a damp basement. No more moisture should be entering this space now.

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